Social Program

Public Lecture at the Grand Hotel - Sun and Wine

A public presentation about the Sun, the climate and its impact on the quality of wine will take place at the famous Grand Hotel. After the presentation there will be wine tasting. Can you tell the difference between a good or a bad year? A visit to the wine-cellar is also an exclusive experience. After this evening you will definitely have a new taste for our Sun!

Dinner at the Academic Society - AF

The "Castle of the Academic society" (Akademiska Föreningen AF) was built in 1850-51. It has become the core of the academic - and student life in Lund. It combines its dignified age with a breadth of different activities and organizations. There is a restaurant serving delicious lunches (Tegnérs matsalar), a bookstore, several student sections and the place for major parties. During the second evening there will be a three course dinner including live entertainment.