Swedish Institute of Space Physics, Kiruna Division

Plasma and Energetic Electron Environment and Effects Extension S/C Anomaly Analysis

ESTEC/Contract No. 13561/99/NL/SB

Monthly Progress Report


Period: 2000-04-01--04-30

Authors: Lars Eliasson and Peter Wintoft

1. Progress status

During April the following documents on the SAAPS server have been updated:

1. SRD version 0.3, 2000-04-03

2. TN2 version 0.2, 2000-04-03

3. URD version 1.1, 2000-04-27

Items 1 and 2 were also announced in the March report. See: http://www.irfl.lu.se/saaps/saapsin t/

On April 18 the FTP server at SEC was upgraded which lead to very slow performance of the Java programs that connected to it. Unfortunately, we upgraded the Java virtual machine (JVM) on the SAAPS server almost at the same time. As we did not know about the SEC upgrade at that time we spent a couple of days trying to understand what the problem was as we believed that it was the JVM update that caused the problems. However, after contact with SEC we understood the cause of the problem and they have now configured their FTP server so that it works for the Java programs.

On the SAAPS models page there is now an applet to perform superposed epoch analysis. The program lists the available SAAPS data and the user can select a parameter to study. The user must also specify the event window size, which can be in days, hours or minutes. The user must also provide an event list, which is directly typed in or copied and pasted from some text file. Then a plot with the data is presented. The future version will include the possibility to cancel a data download, help pages, and downloading of averaged data. See: http://sol.irfl.lu.se/s aaps/saapsint/saapsmodels/

OMNI database classes have been created. The OMNI data for the years 1982 to 1999 have been added to the SAAPS database. The program that builds the OMNI database on SAAPS connects to the OMNI FTP server and automatically downloads the data. The original data starts in 1963 and the SAAPS database can easily be upgraded to also include these data.

On April 17 the SAAPS letter with the questionnaire were sent to the following people:

Palle Soerensen, Address Code TOS-OGE, Company Name ESA, Telephone (10491) 2793, Internet Address psoerens@esoc.esa.de

Paolo Maldari, Address Code TOS-OGI, Telephone (10491) 2477, Internet Address pmaldari@esoc.esa.de

Howard Nye, Address Code TOS-OGX, Telephone (10491) 2719, Internet Address hnye@esoc.esa.de

Mike McKay, Address Code TOS-OGM, Telephone (10491) 2629, Internet Address mmckay@esoc.esa.de

Paolo Maldari and Howard Nye answered very quickly. Howard Nye will pass the questions to the Head of the Flight Operations Division. Paolo Maldari gave an extensive answer to the questions.


WP 110 URD for the database and database tools

An updated User Requirements Document for the database and database tools URD version 1.1 of WP110 was delivered on 27 April 2000.

WP120 SRD for the database and database tools, DB&T

An updated version of the Software Requirements Document SRD version 0.3 was submitted 3 April 2000.

The technical note TN 1 (Database and database tools) version 0.2 was delivered on 31 January 2000. This note had previously the title Exploration of data.

WP130 Development of DB&T

Work has started during March 2000.

WP140 Test and update of DB&T

Start T0+15 according to the schedule

WP205 Prototype of Satellite Anomaly Analysis Module, SAAM

A description can be found at: http://www.irfl. lu.se/saaps/saapsint/wp205/wp205doc.html

WP210 URD for SAAM

The User Requirements Document for the Satellite Anomaly Analysis Module URD W P210 version 1.1 was delivered on 4 November 1999.

WP220 SRD for SAAM

An updated version of the Software Requirements Document SRD version 0.3 was submitted 3 April 2000.

An updated version of the technical note was delivered mid-March. An updated version of TN 2 (Satellite anomaly analysis module) version 0.2 was submitted 3 April 2000.

WP230 Development of SAAM

Work has started during March 2000.

WP240 Testing and demonstration of SAAM with new data

Start T0+17 according to the schedule

WP305 Prototype of Satellite Anomaly Prediction Module, SAPM

The prototype was installed on the server in April 1999.

WP310 URD for SAPM

The User Requirements Document URD W P310 draft version 1 was delivered on 17 November 1999.

WP320 SRD for SAPM

An updated version of the Software Requirements Document SRD version 0.3 was submitted 3 April 2000.

The technical note TN 3 (Satellite anomaly prediction module) version 0.2 was delivered on 17 January 2000.

WP330 Development of SAPM

Work has started in April 2000.

WP340 Testing and demonstration of SAPM

Start T0+19 according to the schedule.

2. Problem areas/reasons for slippage


3. Events anticipated to be accomplished during next reporting period

No special events are anticipated this month. Development work on all modules will continue.

4. Status report on all long lead or critical delivery items


5. Action items

The following 5 Action Items were discussed at the MTR held at ESTEC 28 February. (Will be confirmed when the minutes from the MTR is signed).

1. Peter Wintoft will send questionnaires to ESOC during March. **Questionnaires have been sent 17 April.**

2. Peter Wintoft will continue the investigation of the availability of LEO data. Report will be given at the next progress meeting.

3. Peter Wintoft will investigate the availability of other solar magnetograms especially European ones. Information will be included in the updated version of the URD for WP110.

4. Peter Wintoft will send an updated version of the URD for WP110 to Alain Hilgers during week 10. **Updated version of the URD has been submitted 27 April.**

5. Alain Hilgers will, during week 9, provide a new anomaly data set for which confidentiality will be kept.

6. Milestone payment status

Invoice for progress payment will be sent after verified delivery of the SRD as decided on the MTR.

7. Expected dates for major schedule items

The PM3 will be held in Lund during June.

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