Swedish Institute of Space Physics, Kiruna Division

Plasma and Energetic Electron Environment and Effects Extension S/C Anomaly Analysis

ESTEC/Contract No. 13561/99/NL/SB

Monthly Progress Report


Period: 1999-10-15--11-30

Authors: Lars Eliasson and Peter Wintoft

1. Progress status

The second progress meeting PM-2 was held in Kiruna 12-14 October 1999. The minutes from that meeting replaces SAAPS-MR-7-99.

A description of SAAPS was emailed to SWEN on 27 October 1999.

New versions of the URD:s have been delivered to ESTEC.

The s/c operator letter and questions were sent by email on 16 November 1999 to the following people: sg@ssc.se (Grahn, Swedish Space Corporation), prado@cnes.fr, infomaster@eutelsat.com, satellite.management@intelsat.int, Manola.Romero@onecert.fr, djrodgers@scs.dera.gov.uk, info@telesat.ca, kderbysh@estec.esa.nl, rsalisbu@estec.esa.nl

It has been decided that the Technical Note (TN) of the database shall be delivered at the end of November and the TN of the analysis module in mid-December.

LANL electron data were received from Geoff Reeves. There are two data sets. The first set contains data with electron fluxes from 315 keV to 1.5 MeV in 4 channels. The time resolution is 1 hour and the data extend from 1996 through October 1999. The second set contains electron fluxes from 0.7 MeV to 7.8 MeV in 4 channels with one-hour resolution and covers the years 1995 to 1998.

An investigation of the availability of the DMSP particle data was made. There are no data available on-line, but data can be purchased on magnetic tapes. After contact with Alain Hilgers we decided to investigate other sources of LEO particle data.

Continued work has been done on the Java code for the SAAPS database.

The web pages of SAAPS are now at http://www.irfl.lu.se/saaps. The new user ID to log in to the internal pages is "saaps" with the same password as previously.

WP 110 URD for database and database tools

The URD ver sion 1 of WP110 was delivered on 28 October 1999.

WP120 SRD for database and database tools

Version 0.1 of the database TN was delivered on 30 November 1999.

WP130 Development of database and database tools

Start T0+11 according to the schedule

WP140 Test and update database

Start T0+15 according to the schedule

WP205 Prototype of Spacecraft Anomaly Analysis, SAA

A description can be found at:

http://www.irfl. lu.se/saaps/saapsint/wp205/wp205doc.html

WP210 URD for SAA

URD W P210 version 1.1 was delivered on 4 November 1999.

WP220 SRD for SAA

Work started T0+7 according to the revised schedule. The draft technical note will be delivered in December.

WP230 Development of SAA

Start T0+11 according to the schedule

WP240 Testing and demonstration of SAA with new data

Start T0+17 according to the schedule

WP305 Prototype of Satellite Anomaly Index, SAI

The prototype was installed on the server in April 1999.

WP310 URD for SAI

URD W P310 draft version 1 was delivered on 17 November 1999.

WP320 SRD for SAI

Start T0+8 according to the revised schedule

WP330 Development of

Start T0+11 according to the schedule

WP340 Testing and demonstration of SAI

Start T0+19 according to the schedule

2. Problem areas/reasons for slippage


3. Events anticipated to be accomplished during next reporting period

Preliminary version of the SAAPS SRD will be delivered. Draft technical note of WP220. Draft technical note of WP320 (Analysis of scientific requirements of SAI).

4. Status report on all long lead or critical delivery items


5. Action items

The following 8 Action Items were defined during PM2 held in Kiruna 12-14 October:

1. Scheme for coding sensitive information shall be sent to Alain Hilgers for approval in the end of November 1999.

2. Alain Hilgers shall investigate the availability of other anomaly data sets at ESTEC. Information shall be sent to by end of October.

3. Peter Wintoft will send email remainder to those that have not responded and send the questionnaire to ESOC before the end of October. ** Letter and questions were sent by email on 16 November 1999**.

4. Alain Hilgers will give names to contact at ESOC before end of October. **Names have been given. **

5. Peter Wintoft shall send information and questionnaire to SWEN before end of October. ** A description of SAAPS was emailed to SWEN on 27 October 1999. **

6. Peter Wintoft shall investigate usefulness of environment data from polar orbits (at least DMSP and TIROS) before the end of November. ** Availability of DMSP data has been investigated. Decision to investigate other sources of LEO particle data. **

7. Peter Wintoft shall submit the URD for WP110 to Alain Hilgers before 31 October in pdf-format. Alain Hilgers shall notify in a couple of days if critical problems exist in the URD. **The URD was delivered on 28 October 1999. Response from Alain Hilgers was received on 5 November. **

8. A draft version of the URD for WP310 shall be sent to Alain Hilgers by mid-November. **Draft version was delivered on 17 November 1999. **

6. Milestone payment status


7. Expected dates for major schedule items

The mid-term review will be held in Kiruna mid-March, 2000.

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