Swedish Institute of Space Physics, Kiruna Division

Plasma and Energetic Electron Environment and Effects Extension S/C Anomaly Analysis

ESTEC/Contract No. 13561/99/NL/SB

Monthly Progress Report


Period: 1999-08-28--09-29

Author: Lars Eliasson

1. Progress status

The main activity has been the development of Java code with the aim to have a prototype SAAM (Satellite Anomaly Analysis Module). The first item to realize in the SAAM is a function for performing superposed epoch analysis. For this purpose it was early recognized that a preliminary database and database tools had to be developed first. Further, a library of mathematical and statistical functions also had to be developed. The work is further described under WP205 below.

Further contact with Mikael Pålsson at Esrange. Decided to have a meeting at Esrange to discuss the functions of SAAPS and the inclusion of new anomaly data. A meeting is planned to be held at Esrange in the afternoon 13 October 1999. The preliminary list of participants is: from Esrange; Raimo Pesämma, Mikael Pålsson, and Mikael Töyrä from IRF-Kiruna; Lars Eliasson, and from IRF-Lund; Peter Wintoft

The web pages of SAAPS have been moved to the new server at http://www.irfl.lu.se/saaps. The new user ID to log in to the internal pages is "saaps" with the same password as previously.

WP 110 URD for data base and data base tools

Draft version 2 of the URD was sent to Alain Hilgers 20 August.

WP120 SRD for data base and data base tools

Start T0+6 according to the schedule

WP130 Development of data base and data base tools

Start T0+11 according to the schedule

WP140 Test and update database

Start T0+15 according to the schedule

WP205 Prototype of Spacecraft Anomaly Analysis, SAA

A prototype was installed on the server in April 1999.

The code developed during WP205 includes the following:

• a general database program that includes methods for storing and retrieving data to and from the database.

• a user interface to inspect the database and the metadata.

• a user interface to plot the data in the database.

• automated download of real time Kp and ACE solar wind data that are stored into the database.

• conversion of the Meteosat-3 and Tele-X anomaly data from ASCII files to the database.

• Java classes for vector based arithmetics.

• Java classes for statistical functions.

• a user interface to perform superposed epoch analysis on the data in the database and the anomaly database.

The programs are not yet available from a web browser. However, the necessary applets will be developed within about a week.

A more detailed description can be found at


WP210 URD for SAA

Draft version 1 of the URD was sent to Alain Hilgers 27 August.

WP220 SRD for SAA

Start T0+7 according to the revised schedule

WP230 Development of SAA

Start T0+11 according to the schedule

WP240 Testing and demonstration of SAA with new data

Start T0+17 according to the schedule

WP305 Prototype of Satellite Anomaly Index, SAI

The prototype was installed on the server in April 1999.

WP310 URD for SAI

Start T0+6 according to the revised schedule

WP320 SRD for SAI

Start T0+8 according to the revised schedule

WP330 Development of

Start T0+11 according to the schedule

WP340 Testing and demonstration of SAI

Start T0+19 according to the schedule

2. Problem areas/reasons for slippage


3. Events anticipated to be accomplished during next reporting period

URD for Spacecraft Anomaly Analysis (WP210)

4. Status report on all long lead or critical delivery items


5. Action items

The following 5 Action Items were defined during PM1 held in Lund 17-18 June. All are closed.

1. Alain Hilgers will check if information in monthly reports and minutes have to be made public at the end of the contract. If not care must be taken not to disclose strategic information on, e.g., some data sources. **Answer given by email 990621**.

2. Peter Wintoft will draft a list of questions and the list of people to contact and send to Alain Hilgers by the 22 June. **Agreed on list of people and questions. Letters were mailed 990702**.

3. Alain Hilgers will send ESA documents describing the standard form of URD to Peter Wintoft by 21 June. ** PSS-05 documents received 29 June**.

4. Peter Wintoft will contact NSSDC to investigate if there are any restrictions in using NSSDC-data for this project. **Contacted in August and positive answer received**.

5. Alain Hilgers will contact G Reeves and M Hapgood to arrange a meeting during week 30. **The meeting was held in England**.

6. Milestone payment status


7. Expected dates for major schedule items

PM2 will be held in Kiruna starting at 13.00 on 12 October, 1999.

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