Swedish Institute of Space Physics, Kiruna Division

Plasma and Energetic Electron Environment and Effects Extension S/C Anomaly Analysis

ESTEC/Contract No. 13561/99/NL/SB

Monthly Progress Report


Period: 1999-06-19--07-16

Author: Lars Eliasson

Progress status
  • The first draft of the URD for WP110 has been sent to A. Hilgers.
  • The schedule, which can be found on the internal pages, has been updated.
  • Some web-pages have been updated and three of the action items are closed.
  • Action items
  • The following 5 Action Items were defined during PM1 held in Lund 17-18 June.
  • 1. Alain Hilgers will check if information in monthly reports and minutes have to be made public at the end of the contract. If not care must be taken not to disclose strategic information on, e.g., some data sources. **Answer given by email 990621**
  • 2. Peter Wintoft will draft a list of questions and the list of people to contact and send to Alain Hilgers by the 22 June. **Agreed on list of people and questions. Letter were mailed 990702**
  • 3. Alain Hilgers will send ESA documents describing the standard form of URD to Peter Wintoft by 21 June. ** PSS-05 documents received 29 June**
  • 4. Peter Wintoft will contact NSSDC to investigate if there are any restrictions in using NSSDC-data for this project.
  • 5. Alain Hilgers will contact G Reeves and M Hapgood to arrange a meeting during week 30.

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