Swedish Institute of Space Physics, Kiruna Division

Plasma and Energetic Electron Environment and Effects Extension S/C Anomaly Analysis

ESTEC/Contract No. 13561/99/NL/SB

Minutes of the Progress Meeting PM4


Held at

ESTEC, The Netherlands

2 November 2000


  1. General status of the project

    The meeting was opened and Lars Eliasson presented the general status of the project and the general situation at the Swedish Institute of Space Physics. Although some work packages are not finalized as indicated in the schedule it is still assumed that the work will be finished as planned.

  2. Adoption of Agenda

    The agenda was agreed.

  3. Summary of activities since MTR

    Peter Wintoft presented the main activities since the last progress meeting.

    New plot windows have been included and names and labels included.

    A possibility to generate random data sets has been included.

    Help pages have been included.

    Hourly ACE data have been added covering the time period Dec. 1997 - Sep. 2000.

    Inspect button is included in the data plotter.

    Error dialog for erroneous data has been included.

    The database tools have been updated to include retrieval of re-sampled data, loading of separate data files, etc.

    Leif Kalla has implemented CVS, a system to keep track of versions of software when several people are working with the same programs.

    A draft of the test plan has been written.

    Predictions of GOES data using JAVA code have been presented at the S-RAMP conference. The conference led to important contacts, e.g., with Keith Balmain and Michelle Thompson and valuable inputs for the future work. Better coverage of LANL data and possibilities to include data in real time were discussed.

  4. Previous action items

    The eight action items defined at the PM3 were discussed. These action items were:

    1. Peter Wintoft shall proceed with the investigation of low orbit data. He will contact Howard Singer for TIROS data before the end of August.

    Peter Wintoft has contacted Howard Singer but has not received an answer. It was agreed that the need of this type of data is very useful but data seem to be difficult to include in this study. Peter Wintoft will send a copy of the email to Alain Hilgers so that he can use it in case he meets someone from the group. Peter Wintoft will contact James Thiemann at NSSDC.

    The AI is closed.

    2. Alain Hilgers shall check all URDs and send comments or approval to Peter Wintoft by the end of August. Alain shall send comments before 10 November.

    The AI is still open

    3. Peter Wintoft shall prepare a beta version of the SAAM for release and submit it to ESTEC by 14 September.

    A beta version exists and has been submitted.

    The AI is closed.

    4. Peter Wintoft shall take contact again with Paolo Moldari (ESOC) and ask them to clarify what was meant by "official channel" before the end of September.

    Contact has not been taken because it was assumed to be done after the release of the beta version. Email will be sent 6 November.

    The AI is still open.

    5. Peter Wintoft shall put the SRD version 1.0 on the web by 17 August.

    It was=20put on the web 18 August.

    The AI is closed.

    6. Alain Hilgers shall comment or approve the SRD before the end of August.

    Alain Hilgers will send comments before 10 November.

    The AI is still open.

    7. Peter Wintoft shall write a test plan and send it to ESTEC for approval before the end of August.

    A preliminary testplan has been written but not submitted. The 17 November was agreed as a new date for submission.

    The AI is still open.

    8. Peter Wintoft shall contact J. Allen to be included in the anomaly list.

    Peter Wintoft is added to the list.

    The AI is closed.

    Four action items are closed and new dates have been agreed for the other four. A new action item was agreed to follow from AI 1 above.

  5. DB&T implementation (WP130)

    The database is running including all data that appear in the URD except the low-orbit data. Historic data set is now available in the database but will be updated with more data going back in time.

    LANL data from 1996-1999 exist on CD but are not implemented in the database. Data from 1981 will be received and implemented. Discussions are ongoing about the possibility to include real-time data.

    ACE hourly data are available from 1997 and will be implemented.

    GOES data have been updated and now also include 0.6 MeV electrons. Data from April this year are complete. Historic data from 1986-1997 exist on CD and will be implemented. ESTEC can help providing missing proton data for the period 1997-April 2000.

    Dst exists in the OMNI data set until 1997. Peter Wintoft will investigate possibilities to receive produced and provisional data from 1997 onwards. They shall be included as a separate item.

    It was agreed that the prediction of Dst and AE is not part of the SAAPS database. If these prediction tools will be upgraded outside of SAAPS we shall make an effort to include them.

    AE data from 1981 will be included in the historic data set.

    OMNI data are implemented.

  6. SAAM implementation (WP230)

    Peter Wintoft informed about the status of implementation and demonstrated the data plotter routine and the superposed epoch analysis module. These modules have been updated since the last progress meeting.

    Some comments on improvements were given, e.g., an indication about how long time a download will take.

    The beta version will be released on 17 November. Those interested to test the program will be given a user name and a password.

    A list covering the items to be implemented in the analysis module will be sent to Alain Hilgers 7 November. Comments will be given within a couple of days after reception by Alain Hilgers.

  7. SAPM implementation (WP330)

    Peter Wintoft briefly informed about the status of implementation. No major changes since the last demonstration.

    Peter Wintoft demonstrated the on-line documentation of the Java code.

    A correlation study on daily data has shown that there is normally a weak correlation between different anomaly sets as expected. The different anomaly sets also show different responses to sum Kp.

    The satellite anomaly index was discussed. The continued study will focus on how to use the environment data to find a way to group anomaly data sets in different classes.

  8. DB&T test (WP140), SAAM test (WP240), SAPM test (WP340)

    A draft of the test plan was discussed.

    Hugh Evans commented on the approach and gave advice. The tests should show that all functionality described in the URD is implemented and works in the expected way. Tests should be performed through the user interface. Test procedures including system start-up, shut-down, removing users, adding users etc. should be performed on the server side.

    The draft of the test plan will be put on the internal web pages on 6 November. An updated version shall be sent to Alain Hilgers before 17 November.

  9. Summary and final report

    The outline will be prepared and submitted to Alain Hilgers

  10. Administrative matters

    The contractor has received the progress payment.

  11. Action Items

    1. Peter Wintoft shall send a copy of the email previously sent to Howard Singer to Alain Hilgers and contact James Thieman at NSSDC and Lars Eliasson will contact Don Williams before 17 November.

    2. Alain Hilgers shall check all URDs and send comments or approval before 10 November.

    3. Peter Wintoft shall contact again Paolo Moldari (ESOC) and ask them to clarify what was meant by "official channel" before 6 November.

    4. Alain Hilgers shall comment or approve the SRD before 10 November.

    5. Peter Wintoft shall update the test plan and send it to ESTEC for approval before 17 November.

    6. Peter Wintoft shall release a beta version of SAAPS before 17 November.

    7. Peter Wintoft shall send a detailed schedule of the rest of the implementation of the analysis module to Alain Hilgers for approval before 7 November.

    8. Peter Wintoft shall send copy of communication with Whittlesey.

    9. Peter Wintoft shall contact H Koons and ask about availability of anomaly data before 8 November.

  12. Other matters

    Possibilities to use the Proba style of spacecraft were discussed. Lars Eliasson and Peter Wintoft will collect more information about the planned Proba projects to see if knowledge from SAAPS and other projects at IRF can be used.

    Possibilities to participate in the Final Presentation day at ESTEC on 14 December were discussed.

    Presentations at the 2001: A spacecraft charging odessey were discussed. Abtracts will be sent next week.

  13. Next meeting

The next progress meeting (nr 5)/delivery is planned to be held in Kiruna 5-6 February.


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