Questionnaire to the SAAPS users for the URD production phase

  1. What kinds of orbits are of prime interest?
  2. What kind of environment-induced anomaly are you most concerned with (Single event effects, spark induced, ...)?
  3. Are you more interested in a tool for post-event analysis or for warning?
  4. If a warning on anomaly risk were to be issued:
  5. If improved analysis and prediction could be issued through addition of your anomaly data to the data set, would you accept to add them? Please specify any restrictions.
  6. To preserve confidentiality detailed information on anomaly such as name of spacecraft will not be disclosed. However, statistical results and correlation with environmental data and other spacecraft can be disclosed. What type of output would you be interested in?

Any interested user in SAAPS are welcome to reply via email or to the address below.

Peter Wintoft
Swedish Institute of Space Physics
Solar-Terrestrial Physics Division
Scheelevägen 17
SE-223 70 Lund

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