Open Data Interface - PM 3 - ESTEC 2009-10-20

Time:9:30 - 17:50
Attendees:Hugh Evans (HE)ESA/ESTEC
Daniel Heynderickx (DH)DHC
Peter Wintoft (PW)IRF

PW gave a presentation of the ODI project.

The following items were discussed:

  1. Document in User Guide the delete dataset_* script.
  2. Add column ingestion_date to dataset_file table.
  3. Discuss how to generalise the code when dims>2.
  4. Replace file name pattern syntax in datasets.txt with regular expression syntax.
  5. Use a file named, instead of .profile, for the cron jobs.
  6. Change the structure of the output array from odi_read_data according to the following structure:
    Array ( [record number 1] => Array ( [variable name 1] => value of variable 1 
                                         [variable name 2] => value of variable 2
            [record number 2] => Array ( [variable name 1] => value of variable 1 
                                         [variable name 2] => value of variable 2
  7. Add odi_read_data_simple to read just a single variable.
  8. Document that the SAAPS application needs direct access to the MySQL server.
  9. Add file .profile.odi to to hold ODI specific environment variables.
  10. Describe the SEDAT installation in the Admin Guide.
  11. Describe the SPENVIS installation in the Admin Guide.
  12. Write documentation of how to access the ODI database using Java.
  13. Update Section 2.1 in Admin Guide to include necessary librarries, like mysql.jar.
  14. Update Section 2.1 in Admin Guide commenting on that SAAPS runs on the client side, while SEDAT and SPENVIS runs on the server side.
  15. In the Admin Guide, Section C.3, comment on that there are two fields in the .set files that control the numerical format and display format, respectively.
  16. The parser code should be updated to use the .gz file extension to decide whether the data file should be unpacked.
  17. The dataset-specific parsing code should be move out of the general ODI parsing code.
  18. In the Admin Guide add a point to include a description of the format of the temporary file tmp.txt.
  19. The LOCAL_INFILE option is not used anymore.
  20. The remaining documents, as listed in SOW p. 19-20, must be provided.
  21. Add a column indicating the access rights, public or private, to the dataset table and the datasets.txt file.
  22. Only include SEDAT specific data for SEDAT.
  23. Update SAAPS to ensure that it gets enough memory allocated to load large datasets.
  24. The IPR must be resolved.

The minutes from PM2 were discussed.

The next meeting (PM4) will take place during the ESWW on Tuesday morning, Nov. 17.

Swedish Institute of Space Physics, Peter Wintoft,