Open Data Interface - PM2/MTR meeting - 2009-06-04

Time:10:00 - 16:00
Location:ESTEC Participants:Hugh EvansESA/ESTEC
Lars EliassonIRF
Peter WintoftIRF
Daniel HeynderickxDH Consultancy


  1. Opening.
  2. Person responsible for the minutes.
  3. Overview of delivered documents (PW).
  4. Overview of delivered software (PW/DH).
  5. Demonstration of the ODI system (PW/DH).
  6. Demonstration of the SAAPS-ODI system (PW).
  7. Demonstration of the SEDAT-ODI system (DH).
  8. Demonstration of the SPENVIS-ODI system (DH).
  9. Other matters.
  10. Next meeting.
  11. Closing.

Swedish Institute of Space Physics, Peter Wintoft,