Open Data Interface - PM 2 - ESTEC 2009-06-04

Time:10:00 - 17:50
Attendees:Hugh EvansESA/ESTEC
Daniel HeynderickxDHC
Peter WintoftIRF

The current status of the project were presented by Peter and Daniel. Items discussed were:

The strucure of the ODI database is basically fixed and code exists to set up, create, and populate the the database. A subset of the tools to query the database exists. A subset of the datasets that shall be ingested exists. The SAAPS, SEDAT, and SPENVIS software have been demonstrated to work on the ODI database.

According to the original schedule the complete ODI system should have been delivered at this meeting. However, it has been delayed and a new date for the delivery was suggested to 1st September 2009. The maintenance phase then starts and runs for 6 months until 1st March 2010.

The following items shall be addressed until the software delivery on 1st Sep. 2009:

The next meeting was not decided. But a possibility is to have a progress meeting at ESWW (16-20 Nov. 2009).

On Friday (2009-06-05), Hugh and Daniel had a closer look on the issues for the SEDAT and SPENVIS implementations. Here are some points resulting from the day's work (once again, my thanks to Hugh for his time and his assistance):

Swedish Institute of Space Physics, Peter Wintoft,