Open data interface, ODI

ESTEC/RFQ 3-12487/08/NL/AT

IRF ref: Dnr 23-231/08

Minutes of SRR meeting 2008-11-19 (09:30-10:40)


Hugh Evans; ESA/ESTEC, Noordwijk.

Peter Wintoft; Swedish Institute of Space Physics, Lund.

Daniel Heynderickx, DH Consultancy.

Lars Eliasson; Swedish Institute of Space Physics, Kiruna.


P Wintoft opens this informal ODI meeting held during the 5th European Space Weather Week in Brussels.

It is agreed that L. Eliasson will be responsible for the minutes from the meeting.

Software requirements review

Peter presented a draft of the Technical Note describing the database (ver 0.1)  and a draft of the Software System Specification, SSS (ver 0.1).

The ODI metadata and structures as well as their relation to the PRBEM metadata were discussed.

The following was agreed:

1. The table and field names in the ODI mysql database shall be in lower case.

2. SEDAT and SPENVIS metadata will be identified by D. Heynderickx.

3. The mysql table shall keep track on whether it is a spacecraft or an index.

4. A table with user types shall be listed.

User requirements document

A URD based on the SOW, Statement Of Work shall be written. P Wintoft will send a draft before the next ODI meeting.

Lars Eliasson