Product Description

Real-time forecast service for geomagnetically induced currents is a service development activity (SDA) of the ESA Space Weather Pilot Project. It has been developed by the Swedish Institute of Space Physics (IRF) and Finnish Meteorological Institute (FMI).

The purpose of this SDA is to provide real-time forecast of geomagnetically induced currents (GICs) in the southern part of the Swedish power grid. The purpose is also to provide general information about the ground effects of space weather to the general public and to educate the public and decision makers about GIC and how forecasts can help to mitigate the effects.

Real-time forecasts of dB/dt at Uppsala and Brorfelde and GIC for one station is open to the public. Real-time forecasts for several stations is a restricted part of the service. The forecast service uses methods developed in connection between IRF-Lund, FMI and Elforsk AB.