Lund University and Lund Observatory



Lunds Space Weather Center and IRF-Lund



1) Space Weather Physics: Dynamic Neural Network Studies of Solar Wind-Magnetosphere Coupling

Jian-Guo Wu, May 22, 1997. Faculty opponent was Dimitris Vassiliadis (GSFC/NASA, USA).

2) Space Weather Physics: Prediction and classification of solar wind structures and geomagnetic activity using artificial neural networks

Peter Wintoft, June 7, 1997. Faculty opponent was Thomas Detman (NOAA/SEC, USA).

3) Solar Wind and Geomagntic Activity - Predictions Using Neural Networks

Hans Gleisner, December 2, 2000. Faculty opponent was Dimitris Vassiliadis (GSFC/NASA, USA).

4) Space Weather: Solar magnetic variation and its impact on Earth's atmosphere.

Fredrik Boberg, May 24, 2003. Faculty opponent was Eigil Friis-Christensen (DSRI, Denmark).

5) The Sun, Space Weather and Effects.

Magnus Wik, November 15, 2008. Faculty opponent was David Boteler (Geomagnetic Laboratory, Ottawa, Canada).