Diploma Works

  • "The Sun and global weather patterns", Elin Olsson, Department of Physics, Lund University, 2009.

  • "Solar Synoptic Magnetic Fields: Observations, Exploration and SDO, Helena Becher, Department of Physics, Lund University, 2007.

  • "A Study of Natural Solar Forcing on the Earth Climate and Predictions of the Daily Sunspot Number Using Neural Networks", Peter Berg, Department of Physics, Lund University, 2003.

  • "A Neural Network Toolbox in Java - For Predictions of Space Weather", (Diploma Work) by Björn Eriksson, Institute of Space Physics in Umeå and Lund, 1998.

  • "Eguzkia - A Space Weather Viewer in Java", (Diploma Work) by Jose Luis Martinez Juan, 1997, Centre for Image Processing and Computer Graphics (CBD), Halmstad.

  • "A Study of Fuzzy Logic and Adaptive Resonance Theory, with Suggested Applications in Solar-Terrestrial Physics", by Vicke Dovheden, Lund Observatory, 1996.

  • "Space Weather Effects on Natural Gas Pipelines", (Diploma Work) by Catarina Harde and Charlotte Johansson, SydGas AB, Department of Physics in Lund, Lund Observatory, 1996.

  • "Two Applications of Backpropagation Neural Networks in Solar-terrestrial Physics" (Diploma Work) by Malek Khan, LU-CS-EX:95-4, Department of Computer Science, 1995.

  • "Prediction of Geomagnetic Activity from Solar-wind Velocity Using a Neural Network", by Jian-Guo Wu, Lund Observatory, 1994.

  • "Prediction of geomagnetic storms from solar wind data with the use of a neural network", by P. Wintoft, Ann. Geophysicae 12, 1994, Lund Observatory, 1992.

  • "Application of Back-Error Propagation", Guang-ming Dai, Lund Observatory, 1992.

  • "Classification of Solar Images using a Neural Network", by Hans Jakobsson, Lund Observatory, 1991.

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