Swedish Institute of Space Physics
Nordic GIC Network

Solar Research and Space Weather in Lund

Contact persons for Nordic GIC Network

Peter Stauning Danish Meteorological Institute, Solar-Terrestrial Physics Division
email: pst@dmi.dk

Antti Pulkkinen
Finnish Meteorological Institute, Geophysical Research
email: Antti.Pulkkinen@fmi.fi

Evald Sætre
Statnett SF, Engineering Division
email: Evald.Sathre@hk.statnett.no

Ingmar Kronfeldt
WM-data Ellips AB and Lund Space Weather Center
email: Ingmar.Kronfeldt@ellips.sydkraft.se

Disturbance 6 April 2000



Summary of Nordic GIC Meeting in Lund 23 September 1999.

Data and information available from FMI and Fingrid

FMI GIC data and information.

Data available from the Data Server

Geomagnetically Induced Potential in Sydgas pipelines (1 minute values).

GIC nowcast & prediction

GIC related data

Magnetometer sites, data and plots (NEW)

Magnetometer sites, data and plots (page with frames)

Magnetometer sites, data and plots (page without frames)

This is what the "Nordic GIC Network" is all about.

  • Data. Collect, store and distribute Nordic GIC related data.

  • Disturbances. Collect information concerning GIC related disturbances in power systems and gas pipelines.
  • Web site. List of contact persons, data, events, ... (You are visiting the web site now!)
  • Newsletter. (Irregular to start with).
  • Predictions. Links to GIC related predictions.