ESA/SWWT: Ground Effects Topical Group (GETG)

Spokesman: Risto Pirjola

Summary :

At the Earth’s surface, space weather manifests itself as geoelectromagnetic effects. Geomagnetic activity is increased, i.e. the geomagnetic field becomes disturbed, in other words, a geomagnetic storm occurs. The geoelectric field drives currents, called geomagnetically induced currents (GIC), in man-made conductors, such as electric power transmission systems, oil and gas pipelines, telecommunication cables and railway equipment. GIC may cause problems to the systems: transformers can be saturated, pipelines may suffer from enhanced corrosion, and telecommunication and railway systems can experience overvoltage.

  • Modelling the occurrence of geomagnetic variations and geoelectric fields during space weather events
  • Modelling GIC in electric power systems (discrete grounding)
  • Modelling GIC in buried pipeline networks (continuous grounding)
  • Measurements of geomagnetic variations, geoelectric fields and GIC
  • Development of forecast techniques of GIC based on neural networks or on physical models
  • Collaboration with power and pipeline industry on GIC research
  • Advice on and forecast of geomagnetic activity to users, such as oil drilling and prospecting industry and aeromagnetic survey enterprises
Group Members
The ESA Space Weather Team (SWWT)
M. Wik & R. Pirjola - Thu, Feb 3, 2005