Managing Critical Disasters

A workshop on managing critical disasters in the transatlantic domain - the case of a geomagnetic storm - was held in Boulder at NOAA, February 23-24. 2010. The workshop was organized by FEMA, NOAA and MSB.

The overarching goals of the Geomagnetic Storm Workshop were to allow senior government officials and representatives of both public and private entities from the U.S., Sweden, and the European Union (EU) to compare and contrast the current plans, policies, and procedures used to prepare for and respond to a widespread disaster in the U.S. and EU. The workshop also provided a means to discuss communications between the U.S. and EU in the event of a catastrophic disaster with Transatlantic implications.

For the workshop, a scenario of a geomagnetic storm was introduced, which could impact multiple nations simultaneously. The impact of the geomagnetic storm was discussed during both the detection and response phases (Fig below).

Description of the workshop in Swedish by MSB



Contact: Henrik Lundstedt