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       Vol. 16, Issue 6 (20 June 2012)


1. International School of Space Science on „Astrophysical and Space Plasmas‰

2. European Lunar Lander: Call for Declarations of Interest

3. IET Seminar on Solar Storms, London, UK, 28th September, 2012

4. 9th European Space Weather Week: 3rd Announcement and call for Papers

5. JOB OPENING: Scientist in kinetic space plasma simulations at FMI, Helsinki, Finland 

6. Open and Intended ESA Invitations to Tender (ITTs) 

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1. International School of Space Science on „Astrophysical and Space Plasmas‰


From: Paola Solini <>

The International School of Space Science of the Consorzio Interuniversitario per la Fisica Spaziale organizes a Course on „Astrophysical and Space Plasmas‰, to be held in L‚Aquila, Italy, September 02-08, 2012, and directed by A. Ferrari, M. Tavani, B. Coppi and R. Rosner.

The aim of the Course is to present a comprehensive discussion of the plasma processes relevant to the astrophsyical context, from low energy phenomena in planetary systems to the very high energy objects recently discovered through X and gamma ray observatories. 

Introductory lectures will be dedicated to an analysis of observations available from ground and space observatories enlightening the thermal and non-thermal plasma processes necessary for their interpretation. At the same time the theoretical tools, analytical and numerical, necessary for their interpretation will be presented from an institutional point of view. Finally current models of the astrophysical objects and phenomena will be discussed with particular attention to the critical points with the objective of selecting new research lines. 

Applications are due before June 24, 2012 through the School website 

For further information visit 

or send an e-mail to


2. European Lunar Lander: Call for Declarations of Interest


From: James Carpenter <>

The European Space Agency's Directorate of Human Spaceflight and Operations has published the following Call for Declarations of Interest (CDI) for payload contributions to the European Lunar Lander mission.  


This Call for Declarations of Interest (CDI) invites members of the Science and Exploration community to register their interest in proposing a surface payload for the European Lunar Lander mission. This call is released in order to support discussions with national agencies regarding potential contributions and to inform preparations for an Announcement of Opportunity (AO) expected in early 2013, subject to the outcome of the next ESA Council at ministerial level in November this year. The subsequent AO will lead to the formal selection of the payload to be delivered to the lunar surface and operated as part of the Lunar Lander mission.

Details of the call can be found at:

The deadline for responses to the call is: July 6th 2012


3. IET Seminar on Solar Storms, London, UK, 28th September, 2012


From: Sarah Sennett <>

The Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) is pleased to announce its first case-study driven solar storms seminar. The day will be an opportunity for scientists and technology end-users to come together and discuss the potential effects of solar storms and the data needed for damage mitigation decisions. 

You will be amongst the first to hear the findings of the Royal Academy of Engineering Study into the Effects of Solar Storms on Engineered Systems, immerse yourself in cutting edge solar storm forecast models and look towards developing tiered preparatory protection strategies, hear about prediction methods and sophisticated solar storm effect models and discuss your progress within a supportive and neutral forum. 

The programme of space weather experts includes: 

Keynote speaker: Professor Mike Hapgood, Head of the Space Environment Group, RAL 

Ken Ashton, Head Navigation & Spectrum, National Air Traffic Control Services (NATS) 

Mark Dickinson, Senior Director, Satellite Operations, Inmarsat 

Dr Stuart Eves, Engineer, Military Systems, SSTL 

Dr David Jackson, Leads Space Weather Research, The Met Office 

Bryn Jones, Pilot, Virgin Atlantic, Director, SolarMetrics and member of the Space Environmental Impacts Expert Group (SEIEG) 

Keith Ryden, QinetiQ Fellow, Senior Consultant on Space Environments and Effects, QinetiQ 

In order to participate plaese see the full programme and book your place online at:

or call us on +44 (0) 1438 765 657.

Group booking discounts and special rates for students are available. 


4. 9th European Space Weather Week: 3rd Announcement and call for Papers


From: Alexi Glover <>

The next European Space Weather Week will take place at the Belgian Royal Academy of Sciences in Brussels, Belgium, from 5-9th November 2012.

Conference Website:

This meeting is being jointly organised by the Belgian Solar-Terrestrial Center of Excellence (STCE), ESA, the Space Weather Working Team and the COST ES0803 communities. The local organisation is done by the STCE. This event will build on the advances made during previous European Space Weather Weeks and preceding ESA Space Weather Applications Workshops. 

Now in its 9th year, the ESWW has grown into the main annual event in the European Space Weather calendar. This year‚s event will highlight key innovations in space weather research, applications and services. The meeting will also focus on current challenges and actions necessary in moving towards a sustainable European Space Weather infrastructure, able to meet the requirements of a diverse end-user community. The final session of the week will present the final results of the COST Action ES0803 „Developing Space Weather Products and Services in Europe‰.

The meeting will centre on 7 open sessions addressing a number of topical themes. Furthermore, it is expected that the main sessions will again be complemented by a diverse range of splinter and business meetings covering topical themes.


ESWW9 will centre on the following open sessions:  

Session 1: European Space Weather Landscape: Current Perspectives and Requirements for the Future 

Session 2:  Innovations and Key Challenges in Space Weather Science

Session 3a: Solar Variability Effects on Climate

Session 3b: Coupled Space Weather Modelling

Session 4a: Spacecraft Operations and Space Weather

Session 4b: Space Weather in the Solar System

Session 5:   COST ES0803 Final Results

Sessions denoted a/b will run in parallel. Each session will be divided into an oral and poster session. Posters will be on show all week and the poster sessions will be spread throughout this time. The oral presentations will cover a range of scientific and application-related themes and will consist of both invited and contributed papers. Service user contributions are welcome and encouraged. 

Splinter & Business meetings:

A key part of the European Space Weather Weeks is the splinter and business meetings. These meetings provide the opportunity for interested participants to meet in smaller groups and address key issues in a style that complements the open format of the main sessions. These meetings take the form of working meetings with reports produced and actions taken by the participants. Time during the ESWW9 schedule will be set aside for all convenors to report the main conclusions of these meetings to the full workshop. The splinter meeting agenda is now available via the conference webpages.

Some Important Deadlines: 

Abstract Submission is now open via and will close on 30th June.

Early registration: 5th October

ESWW9 5-9th November

Special Events:

5th November: The ESWW keynote lecture will take place prior to the welcome reception and will by given by Professor Jocelyn Bell Burnell.

6th November: A scientific debate will take place following the day‚s normal sessions addressing the theme „Safe Space: Is a Programme for the Removal of Space Debris Necessary‰.

This year‚s event will again include a space weather fair, where users and service providers will have the opportunity to interact in an informal working environment. 

For more information about these events, please check the conference website for regular updates:

Programme Committee: 

A Belehaki (Co-chair, NOA & COST ES0803) 

A Glover (Co-chair, ESA) 

M Hapgood (RAL/STFC) 

J.-P. Luntama (ESA, SSA) 

R Van der Linden (STCE) 

P Vanlommel (STCE) 

B Zolesi (INGV) 

M Messerotti (INAF, COST ES0803) 

V Zigman (COST ES0803) 

M Meier (DLR) 

N Crosby (BISA, SWWT Chair)

J Watermann (jfwConsult)

M Wik (Neurospace)

S Bruinsma (CNES)

Local Organising Committee 

A. Vandersyppe

P. Vanlommel

E. D'Huys

S. Willems

R. Van der Linden

S. Raynal

& the SIDC/STCE-team 

This meeting is supported by the European Space Agency, the Solar Terrestrial Centre of Excellence, the EC COST Office through the COST Action ES0803 and the Belgian Science Policy Office.


5. JOB OPENING: Scientist in kinetic space plasma simulations at FMI, Helsinki, Finland 


From:  Esa Kallio <>

JOB OPENING: Scientist in kinetic space plasma simulations at FMI, Helsinki, Finland 

The Space Weather Group at the Finnish Meteorological Institute (FMI) seeks to fill a research position in space plasma physics simulations. 

The candidate participates in global kinetic modelling of solar wind interactions with various Solar System objects by using the 3-D numerical kinetic plasma simulation platform HYB created at the FMI. We seek a candidate who will take the leading role to develop and to apply a new comet hybrid model to interpret plasma and dust observations from the forthcoming ESA's ROSETTA comet mission. ROSETTA will measure the comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko in 2014-2015. The FMI has participated, for example, in the development and building of the plasma, dust and Langmuir probe instruments on the ROSETTA orbiter.

The applicant will also collaborate closely with other ongoing planetary plasma modelling activities and data analysis within the Space Weather Group. Especially, the group is intensively developing and applying hybrid simulations to interpret plasma and magnetic field measurements on ESA's Mars Express and Venus Express missions. Further, the HYB platform includes also a full kinetic PIC model, which is currently used to study the Moon-solar wind interaction. 

Previous experience with programming is desirable. Familiarity with any of the following is an advantage: C/C++, Linux, particle-in-cell simulations, high performance computing, computer graphics, numerical algorithms. 

For specifics about the position, contact Dr. Esa Kallio (esa.kallio 'at' Applicants should send a letter of interest, a curriculum vita with list of publications and two references to esa.kallio 'at' The starting date is upon agreement. The position is initially for one year with a possibility of extension. The position remains open until filled.


6. Open and Intended ESA Invitations to Tender (ITTs)



Open invitations to tender:


(From 29/05/2012 to 15/08/2012, Act.Ref.: 12.1SC.02)


(From 15/06/2012 to 27/07/2012, Act.Ref.: 12.1EE.11)


(From 13/06/2012 to 05/09/2012, Act.Ref.: 12.197.04)


(From 02/05/2012 to 27/06/2012, Act.Ref.: 12.118.01)


(From 06/06/2012 to 18/07/2012, Act.Ref.: 11.1EE.21)


(From 10/05/2012 to 05/07/2012, Act.Ref.: 12.1EE.01)


(From 12/04/2012 to 31/12/2012, Act.Ref.: 12.135.01)


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