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       Vol. 16, Issue 2 (9 February 2012)


1. Call for Abstracts: 39th COSPAR Scientific Assembly, Panel on Space Weather (PSW) sessions

2. European Space Weather Week #9, 5-9th  November 2012, Brussels, Belgium

3. Call for Papers: Space Weather and Challenges for Modern Society

4. 1st Announcement: Solar Information Processing Workshop VI

5. Recent Invitations To Tender (ITTs) from ESA-EMITS

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1. Call for Abstracts: 39th COSPAR Scientific Assembly, Panel on Space Weather (PSW) sessions


From: Alexi Glover <alexi.glover AT>

39th COSPAR Scientific Assembly

14-22 July 2012

Mysore, India


Deadline: 17 February 2012 

PSW.1 Space Weather: Fundamental Physics to Operational Forecasting

Main Scientific Organizer: Dibyendu Nandi

Deputy Organizer: Nat Gopalswamy

Forecasting the state of the near-Earth space environment is a high priority for national organizations and private enterprises which rely on space assets. Theoretical studies and space-based observations, over the past several years, have led us towards a better understanding of the origin and dynamics of solar storms that can generate severe space weather. In 

conjunction, magnetohydrodynamic models of the Sun-Earth system have progressed towards assimilating observational data for forecasting purposes. Clearly, we are entering an era where space weather forecasting is poised for rapid growth. This special session will review the current state of understanding of the origin and dynamics of solar magnetic storms and in 

particular, will focus on how knowledge gained from fundamental physics can be translated to models and tools for space weather forecasting.

A mix of solicited (invited) talks, contributed talks and a poster session is planned, followed by a panel discussion. It is envisaged that session participants would include solar, space and upper atmospheric scientists and representatives of national and private organizations interested in space weather forecasts.


PSW.2 Cross-disciplinary Challenges in Space Situational Awareness

Main Scientific Organizer: Alain Hilgers

Deputy Organizer: Nicholas L. Johnson

Several comprehensive Space Situational Awareness (SSA) programmes are being established around the world with the objective to understand and maintain awareness of the population of space objects, the space environment and related threats and risks. The space objects under consideration are mainly the Earth orbital population (including debris), and the space environment 

covers space weather, meteoroids and Near Earth Objects. The session will provide the opportunity for discussion of challenging topics of common interest across the various scientific communities involved. The topics expected to be addressed include: - data fusion from ground based and space based SSA observatory - network management of ground based and space based 

observation systems - space environments effects on SSA observation system - space weather effects on orbital drag


PSW.3 Space Weather Data: Observations and Exploitation for Research and 


Main Scientific Organizer: Alexi Glover

Deputy Organizer: Daniel Heynderickx, Larisa Trichtchenko

Many space weather services currently rely on data from scientific missions. Data provided by these missions is of extremely high quality, however, missions are developed with a set of primary scientific goals and no replacement strategy at end of life. Timeliness of data delivery may also not be a priority.

Conversely, valuable scientific work may be based on data from monitoring instrumentation which is often designed to provide coarser measurements, with an emphasis on timeliness of data delivery and continuity should a particular instrument fail. This continuity leads to the generation of longer term datasets, which provide information on timescales not otherwise available.

In a third scenario, scientific measurements may be affected by space weather, necessitating a correction to the primary data which itself may provide valuable information on current conditions.

This session will review current space weather data availability and discuss issues involved in developing services based on scientific data and using long term datasets designed primarily for monitoring in scientific studies. Key measurement parameters will also be highlighted.


2. European Space Weather Week #9, 5-9th  November 2012, Brussels, Belgium 


From: Anna Belehaki, Alexi Glover and Ronald Van der Linden 

We are pleased to announce that the Ninth European Space Weather Week will take place at the Académie Royale de Belgique, Brussels, Belgium between 5-9th November 2012. 

Conference Website:

This meeting is being jointly organised by the Belgian Solar-Terrestrial Centre of Excellence (STCE), ESA, the Space Weather Working Team and the COST ES0803 communities. The local organisation is done by the STCE. This event will build on the advances made during previous European Space Weather Weeks and preceding ESA Space Weather Applications Workshops. 

More detailed session information will follow in the coming weeks. In the meantime, please mark your calendars!

Programme Committee: 

. A. Belehaki (Co-Chair, NOA & COST ES0803)

· A. Glover (Co-Chair, ESA)

· M. Hapgood (RAL/STFC & COST ES0803)

· J.-P. Luntama (ESA, SSA) 

· R. Van der Linden (STCE & COST ES0803)

· P. Vanlommel (STCE & COST ES0803)

· B. Zolesi (INGV)

· M. Messerotti (INAF & COST ES0803)

· V. Zigman (COST ES0803)

· M. Meier (DLR)

· N. Crosby (SWWT chair, BIRA-IASB)

· J. Watermann (jfwConsult & COST ES0803)

· M. Wik (Neurospace)

· S Bruinsma (CNES)

Local Organising Committee 

· A. Vandersyppe

· E. D'Huys

· S. Willems

· B. Bourgoignie

· O. Boulvin

· S. Raynal

· R. Van der Linden

· P. Vanlommel


2. Call for Papers: Space Weather and Challenges for Modern Society


From: Pål Brekke <>

We would like to make the community aware of this Space Weather conference initiated by Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate (overseeing the power grid in Norway). It will be held in Oslo, Norway  22 ˆ 24 October 2012. We invite you to submit contributed papers/talks and posters.


3. 1st Announcement: Solar Information Processing Workshop VI, 13-16 August 2012, Montana State University, Bozeman, USA


From: Thierry Dudok de Wit <>

Held since 2003, the Solar Image Processing workshops focus on the extraction of useful information from solar data. This meeting will broaden our attention to the more general problem of „Information Processing‰ and how to obtain the best scientific return out of the petabytes of data that are now available.

Topics covered will include amongst other: data reduction, data-mining, three-dimensional reconstruction of solar features, tracking of evolving features in multiple time- and length-scales connecting co-spatial and co-temporal features in multiple wavebands, as well as discussions on alternate data analysis environments (Python, R, PDL, GDL).

We will also look at future challenges, such as the even larger data acquisition rates from the Advanced Technology Solar Telescope, and the combination of heterogeneous, multivariate & distributed observations such as those from Solar Orbiter and Solar Probe Plus.

As in previous meetings, morning sessions will be given over meeting-wide talks from inter-disciplinary speakers, with afternoons dedicated to smaller, parallel splinter sessions where researchers in particular topic areas will have the opportunity to discuss the details of their research. Poster contributions are also solicited. We will also have a problem-solving session where participants will have the chance to present their ongoing research and poll the community for potential new directions.

The meeting will be held over four full days, 13-16 August 2012, at Montana State University in Bozeman, MT, USA.

Deadline for abstract submission (TBC) : May 15, 2012

Deadline for registration (TBC) is June 30st, 2012.

Latest information is available at


4. Recent Invitations To Tender (ITTs) from ESA-EMITS



(From 20/01/2012 to 16/03/2012, Act.Ref.: 11.1EC.08)

For a complete list of ESA Open Invitations To Tender, see:


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