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       Vol. 15, Issue 13 (22 December 2011)


1. JOB OPENING: 3 post-doc positions at IRAP, Toulouse, France

2. EGU session: "Impact of solar and geomagnetic variabilities on the Earth's 

   lower, middle and upper atmospheres" 

3. Opportunity at RWC South Africa

4. Start of R&D project "EUV Solar Imager for Operations (ESIO)"

5. Recent Invitations To Tender (ITTs) from ESA-EMITS

6. Season's Greetings

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1. JOB OPENING: 3 post-doc positions at IRAP, Toulouse, France


From: Vincent Genot <vincent.genot AT>

The Centre de Données de la Physique des Plasmas (CDPP) at the Institut

de Recherche en Astrophysique et Planétologie (IRAP) in Toulouse

(France) is opening three post-doc positions in the following themes of


1 - Heliospheric research (solar wind and/or Earth's magnetosphere)

Contact: Benoit Lavraud ( and

Christian Jacquey (

2 - Planetary plasma physics (planetary magnetospheres,

moon-magnetosphere interactions)

Contact: Nicolas André ( and

Christian Jacquey (

3 - Heliosphere and planetology (Sun-planets connection)

Contact: Vincent Génot ( and

Christian Jacquey (

The candidates will conduct their research activities at IRAP and will

actively contribute to the design and testing of the science analysis

tools developed by CDPP (e.g., AMDA: an Automated Multi-Dataset Analysis

web-based tool at

Candidates should have obtained their PhD and have worked on areas

related to the aforementioned themes. Each post-doc position is

nominally for 1 year with possibilities for extension. Net salary is

about 2000 euros per month or more depending on experience.

Start date for the positions is intended as soon as possible. Interested

candidates should send a cover letter and their CV to the contact point

given above.


2. EGU session: "Impact of solar and geomagnetic variabilities on the Earth's lower, middle and upper atmospheres"


From: T. Dudok de Wit <ddwit AT>

We invite you to submit a contribution to the session on "Impact of solar and geomagnetic variabilities on the Earth's lower, middle, and upper atmospheres" at the upcoming General Assembly of the EGU (Vienna, 22-27 April 2012). See

This interdisciplinary session focuses on the multiple impacts of solar activity on climate variability. The session will address both forcing mechanisms such as solar spectral irradiance, geomagnetic perturbations and galactic cosmic rays, and the response of the upper, middle and 

lower atmosphere. Special attention will be payed to the solar flares and geomagnetic storms as well as to the role of the long-term trends of the solar activity, in particular, in global climate changes and modern global warming. Papers involving the physical processes in the ionosphere and stratosphere will be welcome in the first place. The objective is to go beyond correlation analyses and gain a better quantitative understanding of the different contributions of solar 

variability to the terrestrial environment. This session is organised jointly with CAWSES and COST Action ES1005.

The deadline for submitting abstracts is Jan. 17, 2012

The conveners are: 

F.-J. Lübken (main), J. Lilensten, T. Dudok de Wit, M. Kaufmann, P. Preusse


3. Opportunity at RWC South Africa


From: Lee-Anne McKinnell <lmckinnell AT>

RWC South Africa operates from the Space Weather Centre of the South African National Space Agency (SANSA) Space Science directorate in Hermanus, South Africa. The main focus of RWC South Africa is High Frequency Propagation Prediction although the focus is widening as more clients come onboard.

RWC South Africa is looking for a Space Weather forecaster to join the centre for the period February 2012 to June 2012. During this period the centre will be short staffed, and so an opportunity exists for someone with the right skills to contribute to Space Weather prediction and forecasting in South Africa. 

For further information and enquiries, please email Dr Lee-Anne McKinnell at


4. Start of R&D project "EUV Solar Imager for Operations (ESIO)"


From: Thibert Tanguy <T.Thibert AT>

We are pleased to announce the start of the project ESIO: EUV Solar Imager for Operations.  

This 2-years ESA GSTP project targets the development of a small, lightweight prototype solar EUV telescope and UV flux monitor, for monitoring and forecasting of space weather. Reduction of resources shall be the main design driver. 

The consortium brings together the Centre Spatial de Liège (CSL) and the Royal Observatory of Belgium (ROB), both partners active in space weather science and technology.


5. Recent Invitations To Tender (ITTs) from ESA-EMITS



(From 07/12/2011 to 11/01/2012, Act.Ref.: 11.197.35)


(From 22/11/2011 to 01/02/2012, Act.Ref.: 11.197.26)

For a complete list of ESA Open Invitations To Tender, see:


6. Season's Greetings


We wish all of you a Merry Christmas, happy holidays and a successful new year!   


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