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         Vol. 15, Issue 10 (3 Sept 2011)


1. Release of Solar Energetic Proton Fluxes Tools (SEPF) [corrected link]

2. Announcement of Opportunity for Hosted Payload On Board EDRS-C Satellite -- Deadline Sep 15th

3. Recent Invitations To Tender (ITTs) from ESA-EMITS


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1. Release of Solar Energetic Proton Fluxes Tools (SEPF) [corrected link]


From: Ingmar Sandberg <sandberg AT>

We are happy to announce the release of a new automated software tool for the monitoring of Solar Energetic Proton events fluxes. The SEPF (Solar Energetic Proton Fluxes) Tools uses measurements of ESA s Standard Radiation Environment Monitor (SREM). SREM currently operates on-board six European spacecraft (Proba-1, INTEGRAL, Rosetta, Giove-B, Herschel and Planck), and measures high-energy protons and electrons with a fair angular and spectral resolution.     

The SEPF tool is based on the automated implementation of the inverse method developed by the Institute for Space Applications and Remote Sensing of the National Observatory of Athens (ISARS/NOA), permitting the calculation of high-energy proton fluxes from SREM count-rates. Results of the method have been validated for selected number of past solar energetic particle events using measurements from other space-born proton monitors. The SEPF tool unfolds downlinked SREM count-rates, calculates the omnidirectional differential proton fluxes and provides results to the space weather community acting as a virtual multi-point proton flux monitor on a daily-basis. 

The first on-line version of the SEPF Tool is accessible at: 

If you are interested in obtaining more information, please contact Ingmar Sandberg (


2. Announcement of Opportunity for Hosted Payload On Board EDRS-C Satellite -- Deadline Sep 15th


The European Data Relay Satellite (EDRS) system programme was approved by the Joint Board on Communication Satellite 

Programmes (JCB) in January 2011 and is now entering its initial development (B/C/D/E) phase in a Public Private 

Partnership (PPP) between ESA and Industry. The "EDRS-C" element in the EDRS system refers to a geostationary 

satellite with some available resource on board to host candidate payload(s).

This Announcement of Opportunity ultimately aims at generating additional funding for the EDRS programme budget 

through an embarkation fee paid by the Hosted Payload (HP) provider(s).

Please refer to the following documents for further information on the EDRS programme, conditions for payload embarkation, the selection process, and proposal content guidelines: 


Following further definition of the EDRS-C mission scope, the subject Announcement of Opportunity, is modified as follows:   

1. The baseline EDRS-C configuration no longer includes the C-Band payload identified in the Announcement of Opportunity.   

2. The maximum mass that should be considered for hosted payloads is now 160 kg.   

3. There is therefore no longer a single preferred/nominal orbital location for EDRS-C, but a range of potential  operational geostationary orbits that extends from  30 degrees west to 23.5 degrees east. Bidders may now propose payloads that operate from anywhere within this  orbital arc and should highlight the orbital requirements  of their payload within their submission. The indicative embarkation fee for hosted payloads remains the same.   

4. In light of these changes and the high level of interest expressed to date, the deadline for submitting a Notice of  Intent to propose a hosted payload is extended by two  weeks, i.e. to close of business on Thursday, 15th September 2011. 

In addition, interested parties need now only submit the Summary Page of the Notice of Intent form (Appendix B of the Announcement of Opportunity) by the new deadline.   

5. Interested parties who have not been able to submit a Notice of Intent by the new deadline may still be permitted to attend the hosted payload workshop at ESTEC on 22nd and 23rd September 2011. They should contact ESA via the e-mail address in the AO cover letter, announcing the  opportunity to discuss their particular situation.   


3. Recent Invitations To Tender (ITTs) from ESA-EMITS




       (From 04/08/2011 to 22/09/2011, Act.Ref.: 11.197.18)


(From 29/07/2011 to 23/09/2011, Act.Ref.: 10.1EE.03)


(From 29/07/2011 to 23/09/2011, Act.Ref.: 10.1EE.04)

For a complete list of ESA Open Invitations To Tender, see:


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