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         Vol. 15, Issue 5 (12 April 2011)


1. 8th European Space Weather Week, 28th November - 2nd December 2011, Namur, Belgium

2. Call for Papers: 5th IAASS International Space Safety Conference

3. New online job and conference register geared towards Space Physics graduate students

4. Recent Invitations To Tender (ITTs) from ESA-EMITS


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1. 8th European Space Weather Week, 28th November - 2nd December 2011, Namur, Belgium


From: Alexi Glover <alexi.glover at>,       

     Anna Belehaki <belehaki at>

     Ronald Van der Linden <ronald.vanderlinden at>

We are pleased to announce that the Eighth European Space Weather Week will take place at the Palais des Congres, Namur, Belgium between 28th November and 2nd December 2011. Conference Website: 

This meeting is being jointly organised by the Solar-Terrestrial Centre of Excellence (STCE), ESA, the SWWT and the COST ES0803 communities. The local organisation is done by the STCE. This event will continue to build on the advances made during the first seven European Space Weather Weeks held between 2004 and 2010. More information will be available online soon. In the meantime, for further information please contact Anna Belehaki, Alexi Glover or Ronald Van der Linden.

Programme Committee: 

A. Belehaki (Co-chair, NOA & COST ES0803) A. Glover (Co-chair, ESA) M. Hapgood (RAL/STFC) J.-P. Luntama (ESA SSA) R. Van der Linden (STCE), P. Vanlommel (STCE) T. Dudok de Wit (CNRS/LPC2E, SOTERIA) B. Zolesi (INGV) M. Messerotti (INAF, COST ES0803) V. Zigman (COST ES0803) M. Meier (DLR) N. Crosby (BISA, SWWT Chair), J Watermann (jfwConsult), M Wik (Neurospace) 

Local Organising Committee:

A. Vandersyppe 

P. Vanlommel 

R. Van der Linden 

S. Raynal 

& other members of the SIDC/STCE-team 

This meeting is supported by the European Space Agency, The Solar-Terrestrial Centre of Excellence, The EC COST Office (though the Action ES0803), and the Belgian Science Policy Office. 


2. Call for Papers: 5th IAASS International Space Safety Conference


From: Tommaso Sgobba, IAASS Conference Organizer <Tommaso.Sgobba at>

The 5th IAASS international space safety conference, a Safer Space for a Safer World, will be held at the Palais des Congres of Versailles-Paris in the period 17-19 October 2011.

Experts you know in the field to submit abstracts. For your better use as deemed appropriate I attach here below the conference call for papers. 

Contributed papers are welcome. Papers will be selected on submitted abstracts. The abstract (approximately 500 words) should clearly outline the papers's major elements of interest and its originality. 

Papers will be selected based on:

- Relevance to the scope of the conference

- Quality of the content

- Originality of the content

Contributors are invited to submit an abstract through the online abstract submission form accessible from the conference web site: . All abstracts should be submitted by 30 May 2011.

The authors will be notified of the selection outcome by 30 June 2011. 

The conference main topics are:

 Designing safety into space vehicles

 Safety on long duration manned missions

 Safety of extravehicular activities

 Launch range safety (current and future)

 Space debris and space debris removal

 Space weather and radiation risk

 Spacecraft and launchers upper stages re-entry safety 

 Payload safety

 Nuclear safety for space systems

 Human factors and performance for safety

 Safety critical software design and IVV

 Safety risk management

 Probabilistic risk assessment

 Organisational culture and safety

 Regulations and standards for safety 

 Space-based safety critical systems

 Space traffic control

 Operations safety

 Space materials safety

 Safe & Rescue

 Near-Earth Objects risk

 Commercial human spaceflight safety 

 Lessons learned from space accidents and clause calls


3. New online job and conference register geared towards Space Physics graduate students


From: Kamen Kozarev <kamen.kozarev at>       

The Space Physics Opportunities Register for Students (SPOReS) is a new web register of job/fellowship opportunities for space physics graduate and undergraduate students, as well as for postdoctoral researchers. It is focused primarily on opportunities for graduate students.

The register's web address is

The announcements are ordered in embedded Google calendars that you can view on the website, or simply add to your own calendar.

We accept announcements of conferences, summer schools, workshops, graduate fellowships, studentships, postdoctoral fellowships and job postings, as well as REU opportunities for undergraduate students.

You would like to have your announcement of a fellowship, postdoc, conference/workshop or REU opportunity to be seen immediately, rather than wait for the next edition of your favorite space physics newsletter? Send us your announcement directly - we will publish it right away!

Send your announcements to spjobsreg [at] Please include the opportunity deadline, a description, as well as a URL with the official announcement if there is one, and a person+email for contact.


The SPOReS team.


4. Recent Invitations To Tender (ITTs) from ESA-EMITS



(From 21/02/2011 to 18/04/2011, Act.Ref.: 10.1EE.06)


(From 22/02/2011 to 18/04/2011, Act.Ref.: 08.1EE.08)

For a complete list of ESA Open Invitations To Tender, see:


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