Space Weather Euro News

    Vol. 13, Issue 9 (5 November 2009)


1. SSA Space Weather Industry day - 13 Nov 2009 - ESOC 

2. Call for Abstracts to "Waves and Turbulence in Solar-Terrestrial Plasmas"

3. New book: "The Earth s Plasmasphere: A Cluster and Image Perspective"   

4. 150 years since the Carrington Event

5. Some ESA Tender Actions from ESA-EMITS


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1. SSA Space Weather Industry day - 13 Nov 2009 - ESOC   


From: Juha-Pekka Luntama <Juha-Pekka.Luntama at>

Day: 13.11.2009

Time: 10.00 hrs – 15.00 hrs

Place: H-I, ESOC, Darmstadt, Germany.

Subject SSA Space Weather Industry day

Deadline Registration not later than 07.11.2009, COB

The Agency intends to prepare the activities SN-I and SN-II of the Space Situational Awareness

Programme by holding an industry day. This industry day is intended to allow industry to

collect up-front information about the intended activities for preparation of their

participation in SN-I and SN-II.

SN-I: Space Weather Services (IITT ref. 09.118.08)

Subject of SN-I will be the definition and service consolidation of the SSA Space Weather (SWE).

The SWE is foreseen to include service domains for:

• spacecraft designers

• spacecraft operators

• launchers

• human space flights

• transionospheric radio link users

• space survey and tracking

• non space system operators (power system, airline, etc


• general data:

-- data

-- global space weather modelling

The SN-I activity will be performed in two phases. The first phase will focus on the review

of the existing assets (sensors, services, operational models, potential platforms for future

sensors) in the area of Space Weather, on the identification of the constraints and conditions

for their use in the context of the SSA programme, and on the definition of the deployment

plan of the SWE Segment precursor services. The second phase of the SN-I will focus on the

deployment and operation of the initial SWE Segment precursor services, assessment of the

service concepts and user feedback, and specification of the service enhancements.

To support the assessment of the service concepts and to gather user feedback from all

service domains, provisions of simulated user services are foreseen for some domains. The

simulated services will be based on mock-ups based on actual components available in Europe

(sensors, data streams, running software) or on virtual user interactions (e.g.,

representative services, CDF, interviews).

SN-II: Weather Instruments (IITT ref. 09.118.09)

Subject of SN-II will be to consider the requirements for space weather information and to


• the instruments needed to satisfy these requirements,

• the required location(s) of the measurements,

• the characteristics of the instruments and of spacecraft already planned to be flown in

suitable orbits,

• spacecraft that could be adapted for a dedicated mission should a piggy-back mission be

found inappropriate.

The space weather measurement infrastructure will rely on ground based and space based sensors

of the geomagnetic field, the plasma and charged energetic particles and radiations. New

instrument developments with low TRL are foreseen to be performed within ESA technology

research programmes and especially GSTP 5 in the 2010-2012 time frame. Several space weather

monitoring instruments are foreseen to be flown on planned ESA and European partner spacecraft.

The scope of the SN-II activity includes implementation design studies for the instruments,

negotiating initial agreements about the instrument inclusions and cost estimations for the


Location and registration

The industry day is planned to take place at ESOC (Robert-Bosch-Str.5, D-64293 Darmstadt,

Germany) on Friday 13 November 2009 and shall be split in two sessions. The first session

(10.00 - 12.00 hrs) will focus on SN-I. After a lunch break the second session (13.00 hrs

– 15.00 hrs)will focus on SN-II. Both sessions will encompass a presentation by a technical

representative of the Agency and an extended opportunity for questions and answers.

Please register for your participation not later than 07.11.2009, COB by e-mail to

Ms Michele Fischer, e-mail: Michele.Fischer at Please name the company

and max. 3 participants.

If you want to attend only one of the above announced presentations, please indicate which

oneyou want to attend. If no indication for one particular presentation is given, we assume

that you will attend both presentations.

Please note that every participant has to present an ID, passport or equivalent document to

getpermission on-side. Only the persons announced to participate will be granted access.

If you already have specific questions related to the SN-1 and SN-II activities, please send

them by email to Mr. Juha-Pekka Luntama, email:  Juha-Pekka.Luntama at

by Tuesday 10 November 2009.

These questions will then be addressed during the presentations. There will be no minutes or

other forms of records taken for official purpose. No questions and answers will be published

thereafter on EMITS (


2. CALL FOR ABSTRACTS TO "Waves and Turbulence in Solar-Terrestrial Plasmas"


From: Claire Foullon <Claire.Foullon at>

Claire Foullon

Centre for Fusion, Space & Astrophysics

University of Warwick, UK

Claire.Foullon at



"Waves and Turbulence in Solar-Terrestrial Plasmas"

Royal Astronomical Society Specialist Discussion Meeting

RAS Lecture Theatre, Burlington House, Piccadilly, London

Friday 12 March 2010


Wave and turbulent phenomena are fundamental physical processes that have been shown 

through remote  and in-situ observations to occur ubiquitously in all types of solar-terrestrial 

plasmas, ranging from  the Sun, solar wind, magnetosphere to the ionosphere. They are 

intricately connected with coronal dynamics  and heating, solar wind acceleration and 

interaction with the Earth's magnetosphere and upper atmosphere.  The aim of this meeting is 

to bring together researchers from the different disciplines to compare  theoretical and 

observational results on waves and turbulence, including shocks. The meeting will provide  a 

forum to share seismological or spectral analysis techniques, and to address interdisciplinary 

questions  such as the solar origin of turbulence in the solar wind and the solar wind drivers 

of magnetospheric pulsations and ionospheric turbulence. Presentations on applications from 

planetary and astrophysical  research areas are also welcome.

Confirmed invited speakers: 

Steven Cranmer (Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics, Boston, 


Roberto Bruno (Institute of Physics of Interplanetary Space, Rome, Italy)

Tim Yeoman (University of Leicester, UK)

Contributions for oral and poster presentations are now solicited. 

Abstract submission deadlines: February 8, 2010 (oral) or February 22, 2010 (poster)


Erwin Verwichte (

Claire Foullon ( 

Bogdan Hnat (

University of Warwick, UK

For abstract submission, registration, and more information, see the meeting website:


3. New book: The Earth s Plasmasphere: A Cluster and Image Perspective   


From: Johan De Keyser <Johan.DeKeyser at>

Following a workshop "The Earth's plasmasphere: A CLUSTER, IMAGE, and modeling 

perspective",  organized in September 2007 by the Belgian Institute for Space Aeronomy, a 

group of  scientists prepared a review of NASA's IMAGE and ESA's CLUSTER 

accomplishments in the field  of  plasmaspheric science. Six review papers have been 

published in Space  Science Reviews  (Volume 145, Issues 1-2, 2009). This collection has 

now been published as a book:

The Earth's Plasmasphere: A Cluster and Image Perspective      

F. Darrouzet, J. De Keyser, and V. Pierrard (eds.),    

Springer, 296 pages, 100 illustr., 60 in color., 2009    

ISBN 978-1-4419-1322-7, Hardcover




- Preface (James L. Burch and C. Philippe Escoubet)

- Foreword (Fabien Darrouzet, Johan De Keyser and Viviane Pierrard)  

- CLUSTER and IMAGE: New Ways to Study the Earth’s Plasmasphere  (Johan De Keyser, 

Donald L. Carpenter, Fabien Darrouzet, Dennis L. Gallagher and Jiannan Tu) 

- Plasmaspheric Density Structures and Dynamics: Properties Observed by the CLUSTER 

and IMAGE Missions (Fabien Darrouzet, Dennis L. Gallagher, Nicolas André, Donald L. 

Carpenter, Iannis Dandouras, Pierrette M. E. Décréau, Johan De Keyser, Richard E. Denton, 

John C. Foster, Jerry Goldstein, Mark B. Moldwin, Bodo W. Reinisch, Bill R. Sandel and 

Jiannan Tu)

- Electric Fields and Magnetic Fields in the Plasmasphere: A Perspective from CLUSTER 

and IMAGE (Hiroshi Matsui, John C. Foster, Donald L. Carpenter, Iannis Dandouras, Fabien 

Darrouzet, Johan De Keyser, Dennis L. Gallagher, Jerry Goldstein, Pamela A. Puhl-Quinn 

and Claire Vallat) 

- Advances in Plasmaspheric Wave Research with CLUSTER and IMAGE Observations

(Arnaud Masson, Ondrej Santolík, Donald L. Carpenter, Fabien Darrouzet, Pierrette M. E. 

Décréau, Farida El-Lemdani Mazouz, James L. Green, Sandrine Grimald, Mark B. Moldwin, 

František N?mec and Vikas S. Sonwalkar)  

- Recent Progress in Physics-Based Models of the Plasmasphere (Viviane Pierrard, Jerry 

Goldstein, Nicolas André, Vania K. Jordanova, Galina A. Kotova, Joseph F. Lemaire, Mike 

W. Liemohn and Hiroshi Matsui)

- Augmented Empirical Models of Plasmaspheric Density and Electric Field Using IMAGE 

and CLUSTER Data (Bodo W. Reinisch, Mark B. Moldwin, Richard E. Denton, Dennis L. 

Gallagher, Hiroshi Matsui, Viviane Pierrard and Jiannan Tu) 


4. 150 years since the Carrington Event


From: Jens Rodmann <Jens.Rodmann at>

150 years ago, on September 1st 1859, Richard C. Carrington made the first observation of a 

solar flare. The following day, a huge geomagnetic storm hit, brilliant aurorae were visible 

all across the Earth, and telegraph operators could sent messages with disconnected batteries 

using "atmospheric current" alone. The Sun-Earth connection was made -- the rest is history. 

To commemorate this first 'space weather'  event, we thought we share with you Carrington's 

original paper.

Title: Description of a Singular Appearance seen in the Sun on September 1, 1859

Authors: Carrington, R. C.

Journal: Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, Vol. 20, p.13-15

Bibliographic Code: 1859MNRAS..20...13C



5. Some ESA Tender Actions from ESA-EMITS




(From 19/10/2009 to 11/12/2009, Act.Ref.: 09.156.03)


(From 14/10/2009 to 24/11/2009, Act.Ref.: 09.1QC.01)



(From 07/10/2009 to 25/11/2009, Act.Ref.: 08.1EE.16)


(From 06/10/2009 to 01/12/2009, Act.Ref.: 09.1EE.04)




(From 23/09/2009 to 04/11/2009, Act.Ref.: 09.112.11)


(From 21/09/2009 to 01/12/2009, Act.Ref.: 08.1ET.04)

For a complete list of ESA Tender Actions, see:


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