Space Weather Euro News Vol. 10 Issue 6 (24-04-06)

Table of Contents:
1. Next Space Weather Working Team Meeting, 5th May 2006, DTI Conference Centre, London.
2. Future of Real Time Solar Wind Data: Loss of Important SEC Service
3. Course on Solar-Terrestrial Physics: Advanced School in Space Environment-2006
4. Some ESA Tender Actions from ESA-EMITS
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1. Next Space Weather Working Team Meeting, 5th May 2006, DTI Conference
Centre, London.

From: Mike Hapgood

Dear colleagues,

As you know I will take over from François Lefeuvre as Chair of SWWT effective
from the next SWWT meeting. I would like to thank François for his hard work
in this role over the past three years - and wish him good luck in his role
as the newly elected President of URSI. I would also like to thank all of
you who have supported my election as Chair.

The spring SWWT meeting will be held in London on Friday 5 May starting at
09:30. The meeting location is the DTI Conference Centre at 1 Victoria
Street in central London - same location as a previous SWWT in October 2001.
I hope you will be able to attend - please let me know if you expect to
attend (so I can put you on the list for admission to the Centre). For a
location map see – the
conference centre is marked by a red spot.

Tentative agenda
1.      Review actions from last SWWT meeting
2.      Status of discussions with the EU
3.      Status of space weather activities in ESA
4.      Status of other European activities: COST 296, COST724, DIAS
5.      Space Weather and Eumetsat: SAF
5.      L1 monitoring - SWWT response to the NOAA consultation on ACE
6.      Review status of national SW activities
7.      Summarise actions

The autumn SWWT will take place during the Third European Space Weather Week
in Brussels, 13-17 November. Please mark that in your diaries.

As some of you already know I have recently taken over as Head of the Space
Plasmas group at RAL. This is part of a restructuring of my workload which
should allow me to devote more time to space weather issues. I have strong
encouragement to do so from my management and colleagues.

2. Future of Real Time Solar Wind Data: Loss of Important SEC Service

From: Joseph Kunches

On April 3, 2006, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
(NOAA) issued a press release announcing a call for public comment on the
value of continuing real-time solar wind data, and products derived from
such data, provided by the Space Environment Center. This is your
opportunity to comment on the value of this service. The comment period
starts on April 3 and continues for 45 days through May 18. Public
comments will be incorporated into future plans to best meet the needs of
the users.

If you wish more background information, go to the special National
Weather Service (NWS) web site
If you wish to express your opinion on this directly, send an email to

Please redistribute this notice to other customers you may know who are
also potentially affected. This is a one-time opportunity to provide your
input on this matter.

Brief Background:
Currently there is no plan to replace NASA's Advanced Composition Explorer
(ACE) satellite when it or the monitoring instruments ultimately fail.
ACE is now the only source of real-time solar wind data.
During the next 6 weeks, you can let the NWS know of the importance of
solar wind data and products. You may wish to comment on:
-- The value of real-time solar wind data and the products that use it
(alerts, warnings, forecasts, models)
-- The economic consequences to your business, or negative impact on your
activities, if real-time solar wind data are unavailable
-- The need for follow-on solar wind monitoring once ACE fails
-- The value of solar wind data to researchers, model developers, and model
validators, for the development of knowledge and products to support
current and future space weather activities

Please send an email to or contact:

NWS Contacts: Beth McNulty or Dorothy Haldeman

National Weather Service
Office of Climate, Water and Weather Services
Aviation Services Branch
1325 East-West Highway, SSMC2
Silver Spring, MD 20910
Phone: 301-713-1726 x116 or 301-713-1726 x130

3. Course on ““Solar-Terrestrial Physics” Advanced School in Space Environment-2006

From: Umberto Villante

The International School of Space Science, the World Institute for
Space Environment Research and the Area di Ricerca in Astrogeofisica
have organized a course on “Solar-Terrestrial Physics”-Advanced School
in Space Environment-2006, to be held in L’Aquila, Italy, Sept. 10-16,
2006. The course, which is part of the program SERSES, a Series of
Events on Solar Earth Relations and Space Weather, will be directed by
R. Bruno, A. Chian, Y. Kamide, and U. Villante. The Advanced School on
Space Environment (ASSE2006) offers a program of lectures to provide an
overview of the fundamental problems in space environment science.
Purpose of the school is not only that of allowing the students to learn
the state of art about the physics of the sun-earth environment but also
that of illustrating the guide lines of major future developments of this
science. Students will also benefit of the possibility to have an active
role within the school, during afternoon poster sessions dedicated to
their research activity, and constructive interactions with their
lecturers throughout the duration of the school.

For further information visit
or send an e-mail to

4. Some ESA Tender Actions from ESA-EMITS

(From 07/04/2006 to 19/05/2006, Act.Ref.: 06.153.69)

(From 24/11/2004 to 31/12/2007, Act.Ref.: 04.153.85)

(From 08/03/2006 to 05/05/2006, Act.Ref.: 04.1QC.04)

(From 14/03/2006 to 24/04/2006, Act.Ref.: 06.136.01)

(From 13/03/2006 to 15/05/2006, Act.Ref.: 05.197.25)

(From 07/03/2006 to 02/05/2006, Act.Ref.: 05.197.27)


For a complete list of ESA Tender Actions, see:


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