Space Weather Euro News Vol. 9 Issue 4 (08-06-2005)

Table of Contents:

  1. Second European Space Weather Week: ESWW-II, ESA/ESTEC, Noordwijk, The Netherlands, 14-18th November 2005
  2. SWWT Meeting 17 Summary, 26th April 2005, held at the Austrian Academy of Sciences, Vienna.
  3. COSPAR Panel on Radiation Belt Environment Modeling (PRBEM)
  4. SPENVIS & Geant4 Workshop, 3rd-7th October 2005, Leuven, Belgium
  5. Some ESA Tender Actions from ESA-EMITS


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1. Second European Space Weather Week: ESWW-II, ESA/ESTEC, Noordwijk,
   The Netherlands, 14-18th November 2005

From: Jean Lilensten <>
      Alexi Glover <>

Mark your calendars: The Second European Space Weather Week will take place
at ESA/ESTEC, Noordwijk, The Netherlands on 14-18th November 2005.

Following on from the success of the first European Space Weather Week in
2004, ESA, COST 724, COST 296 and E-STAR (ESF) are again combining their
efforts to organise the Second European Space Weather Week. The meeting
will review the science and applications of space weather with a strong
focus on advances made in the areas of scientific research, application
development and transitioning science to applications. The meeting will
also explore community development, aiming towards a sustainable space
weather activity in Europe. One day of this week long event will be
dedicated to presentation of  the newly developed Space Weather European
NETwork, SWENET, services.

More information to follow in the next weeks.

Date: 14-18th November, 2005

Place: ESA-ESTEC, Noordwijk, The Netherlands


  - (coming soon)

2. SWWT Meeting 17 Summary, 26th April 2005, held at the Austrian
   Academy of Sciences, Vienna.

From: Francois Lefeuvre <>

The main focus of the meeting was on actions taken, or in progress with
a view to ensuring support for European Space Weather applications
activities after 2005. The outcome of a meeting held in March between
SWWT and EC Space Policy and Space Applications unit representatives
was discussed. The priority list of required support actions for SW
defined during that meeting was agreed to be:

  -continuation of existing services and infrastructure including SWENET
   beyond the end of the ESA space weather application pilot project
   (End of 2005);
  -extension of SWENET to include new services and data;
  -continuation and replacement of critical -space and ground-based- SW
   data sources.

Discussion took place on the possible nature and level of ESA, EC, and
other agency involvement in future steps. It was noted that ESA has
currently no plan for a major undertaking in this field in the near future.
Actions were taken by SWWT members to investigate several possible routes
toward EC funding suggested during the meeting. These include in particular
an investigation into the feasibility of a SW related ERA-NET project. It was
identified that the GMES Space and Security Panel of Experts have included
SW in the list of needs for an independent European Space Surveillance system.
Other major points discussed during the SWWT meeting concerned the potential
contribution to eGY, IPY and IHY and the activities of the Topical Groups.
It was identified that an EC/FP6 call for proposals in the field of Aeronautics
and Space is currently open and could be an appropriate place to submit a
SW related proposal geared towards supporting the I*Y activities. This will
be investigated further. A Committee has been set up to facilitate coordination
of European space weather applications related activities. This group includes
a number of representatives from European entities involved in scientific and/or
operational SW activities. The next SWWT meeting will take place during the
second European space Weather Week at ESTEC in November 2005.

3. COSPAR Panel on Radiation Belt Environment Modeling (PRBEM)

from: Sebastien Bourdarie <>

The COSPAR Bureau has accepted a proposal to have the PRBEM
(see ) serve as an umbrella for
the creation of an international group of experts to set up a common
framework for everybody involved in the field of radiation belt environment
modelling. For more details please go to:


The group has been created and the first actions of the working group will
be to agree on:

    * User needs definitions (in term of radiation belt models for
    * Data processing and analysis guidelines

These two items are important for the future. It is expected that these
documents will serve as a starting point to evaluate new models that will
come out (are they at least compliant with what users need, are data used
processed and analysed properly...).

So if you have any comments, ideas ... relevant to these two items please
do not hesitate to send them to anyone in the working group plus copy to
me. We will compile all inputs. There is no clear time table right now.
Personally I would expect to have these two items done by end of September
this year.

4. SPENVIS & Geant4 Workshop, 3rd-7th October 2005, Leuven, Belgium

From: Daniel Heynderickx <>

On 3-7 October 2005, a combined workshop for the SPENVIS and GEANT4
Space applications communities will be held in the historic university
town of Leuven, Belgium. The workshop venue is the Faculty Club of
the Catholic University, situated in the beautifully restored Grand
Beguinage, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The SPENVIS workshop will take place on 3-4 Oct, the Geant4 workshop
will follow on 6-7 Oct, with a joint session in the morning of 5 Oct.

The SPENVIS workshop is the second in a series that started at ESTEC in
2002. The emphasis during the SPENVIS workshop will be on user experience
and requirements for future developments. We aim for an informal workshop
with a limited number of presentations (and a poster session) which can
serve as starting points for round table discussions addressing specific
developments and applications. The programme is deliberately kept open
to allow users to actively participate in the organisation. If you have
inputs or suggestions for the workshop programme, please send a note to

Several GEANT4 based radiation effects packages are now available or
under development, which are or will be implemented in the SPENVIS user
interface. In view of these developments, we opted for a combined
workshop where users and developers of both communities can meet and

The GEANT4 Space Users' workshop follows the events organised at ESTEC
in 2003 and Vanderbilt University in 2004. The focus will be on new results
for component, sensor, and shielding analyses, as well as on developments
for Exploration and Science missions. Users are invited to highlight new
requirements based on their applications.

Registration is now open at:

  - .

Workshop participants are invited to submit abstracts before 1st September,
via e-mail attachment in pdf format to Please indicate
for which part of the workshop you are submitting, and your preference for
oral or poster presentation (subject to the final decision of the scientific
committee). Abstracts and a more detailed programme will be put on-line when

More information on SPENVIS and GEANT4 space applications can be found

  - and , respectively.

5. Some ESA Tender Actions from ESA-EMITS

        (From 18/05/2005 to 15/06/2005, Act.Ref.: 05.135.01)

        (From 26/05/2005 to 21/07/2005, Act.Ref.: 02.179.03)

        (From 22/04/2005 to 10/06/2005, Act.Ref.: 05.187.01)

        (From 20/04/2005 to 29/06/2005, Act.Ref.: 04.153.63)

        From 07/04/2005 to 16/06/2005, Act.Ref.: 04.153.31)

        (From 24/11/2004 to 31/12/2006, Act.Ref.: 04.153.85)

        (From 12/05/2005 to 13/07/2005, Act.Ref.: 05.1AE.03)

        (From 05/05/2005 to 28/07/2005, Act.Ref.: 05.1AE.05)


For a complete list of ESA Tender Actions, see:


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