Space Weather Euro News Vol. 8 Issue 13 (17-11-2004)

Table of Contents:

  1. First European Space Weather Week, ESTEC, The Netherlands, 29th Nov-3rd Dec 2004: Agenda now Available
  2. Workshop on ionising particle measurements in space, ESTEC, The Netherlands January 31st-February 2nd 2005
  3. NOAA Space Weather Week 2005
  4. New Publication: Effects of Space Weather on Technology Infrastructure
  5. IAGA News No 41 on-line
  6. Some ESA Tender Actions from ESA-EMITS


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1. First European Space Weather Week, ESTEC, The Netherlands, 29th
   Nov-3rd Dec 2004: Agenda Now Available

From: A. Glover
Contact: /mailform/mailform.html?name=A_Glover

The Agenda for the First European Space Weather Week is now available
online. Please follow the link "Agenda" for the programme of events and
list of oral contributions and follow the link "Accepted Abstracts" to
access the complete list of poster presentations.

             ***ESWW Website:***


ESA, COST 724, COST 271 and E-STAR (ESF) are joining their efforts to

At ESTEC (Noordwijk, The Netherlands) from Monday 29th November at 9 AM
to Friday, 3rd December, 2004 at noon.

Goals of the meeting
The meeting will review the science and applications of space weather
with a strong focus on transitioning science to applications and involving
European agencies. The meeting will also explore community development,
emerging markets and education, aiming towards a sustainable space weather
activity in Europe.

There will be 5 “Science to applications” (StoA) sessions and 2 general
business (Gen) sessions.

StoA 1 : Radiation Environment of the Earth / Spacecraft and Aircraft
StoA 2 : Ionosphere / positioning and telecommunication
StoA 3 : Magnetic environment / GIC's and other ground effects
StoA 4 : Atmospheres (includes thermosphere, weather and climate) / drag,
         global change
StoA 5 : The solar weather / Solar activity forecast and predictions
Gen 1  : Agencies Activities
Gen 2  : Outreach to communities, emerging markets and education

Each session will be divided into one oral and one poster session with
plenty of time devoted to the public discussion. The oral presentations
will be by invitation only and will include space weather effects, science,
modelling, monitoring, needs and applications.

Call for Papers
Papers are solicited for poster presentation in each of the above 7 sessions.
Poster papers will be selected on the basis of merit and relevance. All
posters will remain on display, close to the conference room, for at least
2 full days. Poster dimensions are 1.8 m (height) x 1.2 m (width).

Abstracts should be submitted via the conference website by 15th October

Scientific publications including both invited and selected presentations
will form a special issue of a refereed European journal.

There will be no registration fee for participation in this meeting. Some
limited financial assistance is available to assist a number of young
researchers (PhD students, Postdocs). Applicants for financial assistance
must present a poster during the meeting. The selection will be made on
the basis of merit and relevance.

In order to apply for financial assistance, applicants must send a scientific
CV, an abstract of their paper, a motivation letter and the amount (in euros)
of money requested, along with an approximate price breakdown. These documents
must be submitted via email to, no later than
1st October.

Registration & Accommodation
The capacity of the ESTEC conference facilities means that participation in
the workshop will be strictly limited to the first 200 registrants. Registration
can be made online via the workshop website and we encourage participants to
register as soon as possible in order to avoid disappointment. 

Since the number of participants will be limited, we kindly ask any registered
participants who find that they will not be able to attend, to inform the ESA
Conference Bureau at their earliest convenience.

Hotel accommodation can be arranged via the ESTEC Conference Bureau. Please
complete the online form available via the workshop website.


Coordination committee
J. Lilensten, A. Belehaki (COST 724)
Lj. R. Cander, B. Zolesi (COST271)
M. Fuellekrug (E-STAR)
A. Glover, A. Hilgers (ESA, D/TEC)
H. Opgenoorth (ESA, D/Sci)
F. Lefeuvre, (SWWT)

Local Organising Committee
A. Glover
A. Hilgers
E. Daly
B. Arbesser-Rastburg
H. Opgenoorth
R. Marsden

2. Workshop on ionising particle measurements in space ESTEC, The
   Netherlands January 31st-February 2nd 2005

From: Sebastien Bourdarie <>

Members of the European space radiation and plasma monitoring
community are invited to attend a workshop on January 31st-February
2nd 2005 at ESA/ESTEC. The focus of the workshop will be on the review
of current and next generation of instruments devoted to ionising
particle measurements in space. The workshop introduction will review
measurement requirements derived from the European Space Agency's (ESA)
and Centre National d'Etudes Spatiale's (CNES) Space Environments and
Effects Programmes. The workshop agenda will also include:

   1. Review of the current existing instruments,
   2. Plenary sessions on recent developments for future instruments
   3. Plenary sessions on data availability, simulation, calibration
      and analysis
   4. Requirements of future European missions (Science, Navigation,
      Telecom, Earth
      Observation, Exploration)
   5. Current and planned flight opportunities
   6. Possibilities of international cooperation

Organising committee: S. Bourdarie, A. Mohammadzadeh, E. Daly,
A. Owens, P. Nieminen.

3. NOAA Space Weather Week 2005
From: Terry Onsager <>

The 2005 Space Weather Week conference will be held this spring, April
5-8, 2005, in Broomfield, Colorado.  This meeting will focus on the
impacts of space weather and on recent scientific advances in specifying
and predicting the conditions in the space environment. The conference
program will highlight space weather impacts in several areas of the
environment, including ionospheric disturbances, satellite drag, auroral
currents, geomagnetic storms and their solar drivers, radiation belts,
and solar energetic particles.  We anticipate that representatives from
industries impacted by space weather will attend, including those from
electric power, commercial airlines, satellite operations, and
navigation/communication. Space Weather Week 2005 is co-organized by the
NOAA Space Environment Center, the Air Force Research Laboratory, the
NSF Division of Atmospheric Science, and NASA.  Further details
regarding the meeting agenda and travel will be posted on our web site:

4. New Publication: Effects of Space Weather on Technology Infrastructure

From: Yannis Daglis (

Springer/Kluwer recently published the book
"Effects of Space Weather on Technology Infrastructure".
It contains 17 chapters, which are based on the key lectures
of the NATO Advanced Research Workshop on space weather
effects that took place in March 2003.

More information is available at:

5.  IAGA News No 41 on-line

6.  Some ESA Tender Actions from ESA EMITS

        (From 15/11/2004 to 14/01/2005, Act.Ref.: 04.1AE.10)

        (From 01/10/2004 to 08/12/2004, Act.Ref.: 03.155.13)

        (From 26/10/2004 to 10/12/2004, Act.Ref.: 04.154.03)

        (From 19/07/2004 to 30/09/2004, Act.Ref.: 04.1AE.08)


For a complete list of ESA Tender Actions, see:


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