Space Weather Euro News Vol. 8 Issue 4 (12-3-2004)

Table of Contents:

  1. Space Weather Week 2004 - Final Announcement
  2. First Call for Papers: IAU Symposium 226 on  Coronal and Stellar Mass Ejections, September 13-17, 2004 Beijing, China
  3. Change in PI of the MIRACLE ground-based network
  4. Some ESA Tender Actions from ESA-EMITS


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1. Space Weather Week 2004 - Final Announcement

From: Terry Onsager

The 2004 Space Weather Week conference will be held this spring, April
13-16, 2004, in Boulder, Colorado.  The registration deadline is March 29,
2004. This meeting will focus on the recent solar and geomagnetic activity,
and will cover the specific space weather impacts that occurred and our
scientific understanding of this activity. The conference program will
highlight recent space weather impacts in several areas of the environment,
including ionospheric disturbances, satellite drag, auroral currents,
geomagnetic storms and their solar drivers, radiation belts, and solar
energetic particles.  We anticipate that representatives from industries
impacted by space weather will attend, including those from electric power,
commercial airlines, satellite operations, and navigation/communication.
Space Weather Week 2004 is co-organized by the NOAA Space Environment
Center, the Air Force Research Laboratory, the NSF Division of Atmospheric
Science, and the NASA Sun-Earth Connection Program.  Further details
regarding the meeting agenda and travel will be posted on our web site:

2. First Call for Papers: IAU Symposium 226 on  Coronal and Stellar
   Mass Ejections, September 13-17, 2004 Beijing, China

From: Ken Dere

The goal of this meeting will be to discuss and summarize the latest
research on coronal and stellar mass ejections.  Both invited and
contributed presentations will be included in the scientific program
which will cover the following main topics:

1.  Observed properties of CMEs
2.  Source regions (magnetic and coronal structure)
3.  Theoretical models of CMEs
4.  Comparisons of theories and observations
5.  ICMEs in the heliosphere
6.  CMEs and energetic particles
7.  CMEs and geomagnetic storms
8.  Stellar ejecta

Scientific organizing and advisory committee

K. Dere (USA, co-chair)  J. Wang (China, co-chair)
S. Antiochos (USA), V. Bothmer (Germany), J.-L. Bougeret (France), A.
Cameron (UK), H. Cane (Australia), I. Chertok (Russia), C. Fang
(China), T. Forbes (USA), R. Harrison (UK), R. Howard (USA), H. Hudson
(USA), S. Kahler (USA), D. Reames (USA), R. Schwenn (Germany), K.
Shibata (Japan), S. Solanki (Germany), B. Tsurutani (USA),  P.
Venkatakrishnan (India)

Invited Speakers

P. F. Chen, I, Chertok, V. Grechnev, T. Forbes, H. Henrichs, Y. Hu, E.
Huttunen, M. Jardine, K. Kusano, G. Lakhina, D. Maia, R. Ramesh, P.
Riley, D. Ruffolo, T. Sanderson, B. Schmieder, R. Schwenn, K. Shibata,
A. Sterling, A. Tylka, F. S. Wei, S. T. Wu, A. Zhukov.

Web Sites

Information on the meeting and abstract submission can be found at our
primary web page:

An alternative page can be accessed at:

These pages also allow you to send an email to the local organizing
committee to be informed of future announcements.

Submissions of abstracts

To present a paper at IAU Symposium 226, the title and abstract must
be submitted at our web site by following the link to 'abstract

You can request either an oral or poster presentation.  Because of
time limitations, it probably will not be possible for all requests
for oral presentations to be accepted as such and these will be
rescheduled as poster presentations.

The deadline for submitting abstracts for contributed oral talks is
June 10, 2004.  Abstracts for poster papers can be submitted until the
August 13, but only on a space available basis.  Abstracts submitted
after the June 10 deadline will not be included in the abstract
booklet provided to attendees.  For those applying for travel grant,
the deadline is earlier (see below).

Meeting Registration

Meeting registration will be through our web site
at a future date which will be announced.  Please sign up on the web
site to receive future email announcements.Local information
The meeting will be held September 13-17.  The scientific sessions
will take place on September 13,14,16 and 17 with September 15
reserved for tours of Beijing and/or the local area.  A reception
will be held on the evening of September 12 and a conference dinner
will take place on September 16.

The meeting hotel is the Jianguo Garden Hotel.  It is a very pleasant
modern hotel near the center of Beijing.  Walking time to the
Wanfujing shopping district is 10 minutes and 25 minutes to the
Forbidden City.  Hotel rooms at the Jianguo Garden are available at
prices between $50 and $80 per night.  Other hotels are also available
at lower prices.  Information on hotel registration will be provided
in future announcements.


Visas are required for entry into the People's Republic of China.  We
will provide invitations to attendees in order to expedite the visa
process.  Further information will be provided in the


A proceedings of the meeting will be produced to appear shortly after
the meeting.  Further information will appear in later announcements.


The symposium is sponsored by the International Astronomical Union,
the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the National Natural Science
Foundation of China, the National Science Foundation (USA), the Naval
Research Laboratory and the LASCO project.

Travel Grants

Travel grants are available for attending this meeting.  The IAU has
provided funds to support these travel grants.  Information on the
procedures to apply for these funds can be found at the following

Applications for travel grants must use the form found on the IAU web

The form is to be filled in and emailed to Ken Dere
( for consideration by the SOC.  In order to review
a travel grant applications, it will be necessary that the applicants
abstract has been submitted.  Applications for travel grants received
before April 1, 2004 can be considered for IAU grants.  Other funds
will also become available for travel grants but their extent is not
well known at this time.

3. Change in PI of the MIRACLE ground-based network

From: Olaf Amm

The MIRACLE network of ground-based instruments in Northern
Fennoscandia, consisting of the IMAGE magnetometers, the STARE radar,
and all-sky cameras, is now led by a science team that shares the PI
responsibilities. The scientists belonging to this team are:

Olaf Amm
Kirsti Kauristie
Pekka Janhunen
Ari Viljanen

Technical coordinator: Kari Pajunpää


Any member of the science team can be contacted for data or
collaboration requests. The MIRACLE network is maintained as a wide
international co-operation. More information about the MIRACLE network
and quicklook plots of the data are available at .

4.  Some ESA Tender Actions from ESA EMITS

        (From 13/01/2004 to 12/03/2004, Act.Ref.: 03.197.09)


For a complete list of ESA Tender Actions, see:


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