Space Weather Euro News Vol.6 Issue 11 (23-07-2002)

Table of Contents: 
1. COST Action 724: "Developing the scientific basis for monitoring, modelling and 
    predicting space weather" Accepted.
2. International Reference Ionosphere. IRInfo No. 24
3. Mullard Space Science Laboratory Operations support scientist - Cassini mission
4. Some ESA Tender Actions from ESA EMITS
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1.  COST Action 724: "Developing the scientific basis for monitoring, 
     modelling and predicting space weather" Accepted.
From: Toby Clark

I am pleased to report that our proposal for a COST Action "Developing the scientific
basis for monitoring, modelling and predicting space weather" was approved this month
by the COST Committee of Senior Officials. It will be known as COST Action 724.

The next steps in initiating this Action will be for COST officials to arrange for each
COST member state with an interest in this Action to sign up to the Memorandum of 
Understanding. The COST officials may contact those of you who were included as initial
points of contact in the appendix to the draft proposal for more information. Due to COST 
budget constraints the first management committee meeting will not be possible before 
April 2003. This will give extra time to plan the action and to coordinate it with applications 
for funding under the EU 6th Framework Programme.

There will be a good opportunity to begin an informal planning process at the Space Weather
Working Team (SWWT) meeting on 1/2 August in Alpbach, Austria. If you are not already 
aware of this SWWT meeting and would like to attend please contact 
Alexi Glover for details.

The website for this Action will remain for the time being at

Thank you to all of you who have helped to create this opportunity for the Space 
Weather community

2. *** International Reference Ionosphere ***IRInfo No. 24 ***
From: Dieter Bilitza 

Please note that the IRI indices file in the directory
has been updated with the newest available indices and predictions.

The 12-month-running mean of sunspot number (R12) was obtained from the National
Geophysical Data Center (NGDC) in Boulder, Colorado. R12 predictions from December
2001 to December 2005 were obtained from the Ionospheric Prediction Service (IPS) in 
Sydney, Australia. The 12-month-running mean of the ionospheric IG index (IG12) and 
IG12 predictions were obtained from the World Data Center C1 (WDC-C1) in Chilton, 

The IRI team greatly acknowledges the efforts of the NGDC, IPS, and WDC-C1 in
maintaining and updating the database of these indices.

Compared to the previous ig_rz.dat file (December 2001) the R12 and IG12 indices 
decreased slightly. Please contact D. Bilitza if you would like a plot of the old and new
indices (will be send as MS Word attachment).

3.  Mullard Space Science Laboratory Operations support scientist - Cassini mission
From: Libby Daghorn 

University College London
Mullard Space Science Laboratory
Operations support scientist - Cassini mission

Our Space Plasma Physics Group pursues research in magnetospheric physics, planetary 
physics and space weather. A Postdoctoral Research Assistant is required to join a small
team working on the operation of the Electron Spectrometer, part of the Cassini Plasma 
Spectrometer, now on its way to Saturn having flown past Venus, Earth and Jupiter.

The tasks will include data analysis software and database management. The data analysis
software task includes the development of algorithms to correct the electron data for
spacecraft-produced photoelectrons and spacecraft potential at different points in the solar
system. Candidates should ideally have a PhD in space plasma physics or a related subject,
and will have some experience in the analysis of plasma data.

The post is located at the Mullard Space Science Laboratory in Holmbury St Mary, 
Surrey, UK. Salary in the RA1A range  starting at £19681 depending on experience. 
(The next funding review is due to take place in March 2003). 
Further information at, contact Dr Andrew Coates 

Applications, including a CV, publications list, names and addresses of two referees and a
brief description of research experience and aspirations, should be sent by 31 July 2002 
to Mrs E.A. Daghorn, Mullard Space Science Laboratory, University College London, 
Holmbury St Mary, Dorking RH5 6NT, UK.

4. Some ESA Tender Actions from ESA/EMITS
  (From 29/05/2002 to 26/07/2002, Act.Ref.: 98.1XE.10) 

  (From 15/04/2002 to 10/06/2002, Act.Ref.: 01.1EM.16) 


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