Space Weather Euro News Vol.6 Issue 10 (10-06-2002)

Table of Contents: 
1. Deadline for contribution to Space Weather CD-Rom
2. First Announcement of the NATO ARW on the Effects of Space Weather on
   Technology Infrastructure (ESPRIT)
3. Postdoctoral Fellowship in Space Physics
4. Some ESA Tender Actions from ESA EMITS
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1.  Deadline for contribution to Space Weather CD-Rom
From: Frank Jansen

The deadline for contributions to the first Space Weather CD-Rom is Friday 21 June 
2002. You can submit your inputs to the following ftp-account at the University of
Greifswald in Germany:
name: physik
pwd: safraro

For more details of the Space Weather week in Europe during the  European
Science and Technology Week in fall this year see below.

EU embarked on a project called "Space Weather" to raise public awareness of space 
weather in Europe in fall this year. The aim of this project is to illustrate to the general 
public, organisations, industry and governments the impacts of space weather on everyday
life. Scientists (e.g. from DLR, ESA, FMI, MPE, MPAe), journalists, managers from 
industry and new media experts from Germany, Finland, France, Poland and Switzerland 
are working together as part of this EU project. This consortium will produce the following 
for the 2002 European Science and Technology Week (ESTW, 4 - 10 November 2002):

 - a space weather forum,
 - an interactive CD-Rom,
 - a travelling exhibition,
 - a planetarium show and
 - a spark chamber for cosmic rays.

The highlight of the week will be the space weather forum at the Zeiss-Grossplanetarium Berlin 
(4 November 2002) with direct video links to the ISS and space weather experts.

The entire forum will be produced as a TV-stream, available in real time to TV and internet
viewers. Posters, flyers and other PR material related to ESTW (available from the EU in 
11 official EU languages) and space weather itself (from ESA) will also be freely available.

The consortium would welcome your attendance and participation in the 2002 ESTW event 
from 4 to 10 November 2002. In addition, in order to assist with the preparation of PR material,
the consortium invites the readers of SWEN to contribute with:

 - movies,
 - images,
 - effects and
 - stories

relating to space weather. This might include any or several of the following topics: physics/space
science; aftercast/nowcast/forecast of space weather storms; cosmic rays; polar lights; historical 
aspects (including early solar observations/instruments); risks for electronics, space flight, aviation, 
telecommunication, navigation, electric power transmission, oil and gas industry, railways; effects 
on climate; insurance; media coverage; webpages and others. The best movies, images, effects 
and stories will be selected for a CD-Rom and video, the exhibition and the planetarium show! 
It is foreseen that ESTW/Space Weather events will be organised in institutions, science museums,
schools and planetariums all over Europe in a similar manner to the "Sun-Earth-Day" jointly 
celebrated by ESA and NASA in April 2001 in both Europe and the USA.

For further details about ESTW/Space Weather 2002, contributions to the space weather CD-Rom,
the exhibition and/or the planetarium show please contact:

 Dr. Frank Jansen
 University of Greifswald
 Institute for Physics
 Project WWW - WeltraumWetterWarte Greifswald
 (Space Weather Observatory)
 Domstr. 10 a
 17489 Greifswald
 tel +49-3834-864774
 fax +49-3834-864701

For more information related to previous ESTW see:

2. First Announcement of the NATO ARW on the Effects of Space Weather on
    Technology Infrastructure (ESPRIT)
From: Yannis Daglis 

The NATO Advanced Research Workshop (ARW) on the Effects of Space Weather 
on Technology Infrastructure (ESPRIT), will be held on the island of Rhodes (Greece) 
on March 25-29, 2003 (see ).

ESPRIT will be a working meeting, where scientists and engineers at the forefront of space 
weather research will be able to engage in a thorough exchange of views. The primary aim 
of ESPRIT is to assess existing knowledge and identify future actions regarding monitoring, 
forecasting and mitigation of space weather induced malfunction and damage of vital
technological systems operating in space and on the ground. Papers will be published in a
monograph of the NATO Science Series (Kluwer Academic Publishers) and in a special issue
of a scientific journal.

Workshop Sessions:

 - Solar-terrestrial coupling and space weather
 - Monitoring, modelling and forecasting of space weather
 - Space weather effects on spacecraft components, operations and 
 - Space weather effects on electric power distribution and on 
 - International coordination of monitoring, forecasting and 
   mitigation efforts

The Workshop will be structured around invited review talks and short talks on hot topics which
will be immediately followed by open  discussion. Poster papers will also be accommodated. 
Anyone interested in giving a hot topic paper, or a poster paper, is welcome to send (by e-mail) a 
short abstract to Ms. Anastasia Metallinou. No specific format is required at this 

Scientific Organizing Committee:
 - Yannis Daglis (National Observatory of Athens, Penteli, Greece) Co-Chair
 - Michael Panasyuk (Moscow State University, Russia) Co-Chair
 - Dan Baker (University of Colorado, Boulder, Colorado)
 - Eamonn Daly (European Space Agency, The Netherlands)
 - Greg Ginet (Air Force Research Laboratory, USA)
 - Bertrand Huet (Alcatel Space Industries, France)
 - John Kappenman (Metatech Corporation, Minnesota)

Preliminary list of invited speakers:
W. I. Axford (MPAe), P. Bellaire (AFOSR), P. S. Cannon (UoB), J. Chen
(NRL), T. Clark (BGS), U. Inan (Stanford), Y. Kamide (STEL), H. Koskinen
(FMI), L. Lanzerotti (Bell Labs), K. Papadopoulos (UMD), R. Schwenn
(MPAe), D. Southwood (ESA), E. Tereschenko (PGI), D. Vassiliadis (NASA),
Y. Yampolski (IRA)

3. Postdoctoral Fellowship in Space Physics
From: Philippe Escoubet 

Postdoctoral Fellowships in Space Physics at the European Space Agency, ESTEC, 

Applications are invited for a postdoctoral position (ESA internal Research fellowship) in 
magnetospheric physics at the Solar & Solar-Terrestrial Missions Division of the
Research and Scientific Support Department of ESA, located at ESTEC, Noordwijk,
The Netherlands. The Solar & Solar-Terrestrial Missions Division is involved in heliospheric
physics using data from instruments on-board Ulysses, Wind and SOHO spacecraft and in 
magnetospheric physics using data  from instruments on board Geotail, Polar, Equator-S and 
Cluster spacecraft. Information on the Solar and Solar-Terrestrial Missions division can be 
found at:

The position will involve analysing and interpreting data from the four Cluster spacecraft.
Candidates should work in either one of the following fields: Solar wind-magnetosphere 
interaction, plasma entry in the polar cusp, magnetopause physics, plasmasphere or
other magnetospheric physics. The project will be based on the analysis and interpretation 
of the plasma (CIS) and electric field (EFW) instrument data. Experience in  multiple spacecraft 
data analysis is desirable.

The appointment will be for a period of 2 years starting from 1st September 2002 (or later as 
mutually agreed). Applicants must hold a PhD/Doctorate or equivalent. ESA fellowships are 
open to nationals of its Member States, viz. Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland,
France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, the Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, 
Portugal and the United Kingdom. Applications from Canada (co-operating State) will also be 

For further information please contact C. Philippe Escoubet  or Harri Laakso
Information regarding ESA Research fellow programme and expression 
of interest form can be found at:

4. Some ESA Tender Actions from ESA/EMITS
  (From 29/05/2002 to 26/07/2002, Act.Ref.: 98.1XE.10) 

  (From 06/05/2002 to 17/06/2002, Act.Ref.: 01.112.04) 

  (From 15/04/2002 to 10/06/2002, Act.Ref.: 01.1EM.16) 

  (From 22/04/2002 to 14/06/2002, Act.Ref.: 01.127.18) 

  (From 08/04/2002 to 03/06/2002, Act.Ref.: 99.1XE.04) 


For a complete list of ESA Tender Actions, see:


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