Space Weather Euro News Vol.5 Issue 11 (12-09-2001)

Table of Contents: 
1. Space Weather Workshop: Looking towards a European Space Weather Programme
2. Scientific Programming and Support Officer for Cluster Science Centre
3. Vacancy at the Belgian Institute for Space Aeronomy (BIRA/IASB)
4. Some ESA Tender Actions from ESA EMITS
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1.  Space Weather Workshop:  Looking towards a European Space Weather
From:  Alexi Glover 

Space Weather Workshop:  Looking towards a European Space Weather
Programme 17-19 December 2001, ESTEC, Noordwijk, The Netherlands

The term "Space Weather" refers to conditions on the Sun and in the
solar wind, magnetosphere, ionosphere and thermosphere that affect the
performance and the reliabity of technological systems on Earth and in
space. In addition, these conditions may affect human life or health.

In the light of ESA studies currently being conducted by Alcatel Space
and Rutherford Appleton Laboratories, this workshop aims to provide a
forum in which both recent scientific and technical advances relating
to Space Weather can be presented and discussed. In addition, the
workshop will focus on the implementation of a European Space Weather
programme. Future ESA Space Weather activities and possiblities for
international collaboration will also feature prominently in the

A European Space Weather programme would provide the capacity to supply
European based Space Weather services to a wide variety of users including:

     Spacecraft industry;
     Users and providers of positioning systems;
     Scientific community.
     Airline companies;
     Oil and mineral industries;
     Electric power industry;
     Telecommunications companies;
     Educational sector (establishment school, media, etc.)
     Security Forces

Contributions from users in all of the above areas are welcomed in oral
or poster format. The results of this wokshop will represent a very
important element in deciding on the way forward for any European
Space Weather Programme.

For further information including registration and hotel details,
readers are referred to the ESA conference announcement pages

From: D. Burgess

           Cluster Science Centre, Astronomy Unit
             Queen Mary, University of London

Applications are invited for a Scientific Programming and Support
Officer to develop software data analysis and visualisation tools for
space plasma in situ data. Suitably-qualified applicants could also
undertake some independent research.

The Space Plasma Group within the Astronomy Unit at Queen Mary,
University of London plays a lead role in the European Space Agency's
Cluster mission. The group is active in theoretical, numerical and
data analysis studies of the solar wind and Earth'souter magnetosphere.

You should have or obtain prior to appointment at least a BSc in a
numerically oriented subject with considerable experience in computer
programming based on C/C++ in a Unix environment. Experience in
time-series/data analysis, space/laboratory science, GUIs, graphics,
and software distribution would be desirable. To undertake independent
research, you should also hold a PhD in Space Plasmas or a related field.
The ability to work within a cohesive software team and put forward
initiatives would be welcomed.

The appointment will be for two years in the first instance from 1
October 2001 or as soon thereafter as practical with salary in the
range £21,616 - £33,101 pa inclusive depending on age and

For further information contact Prof. Steve Schwartz (020 7882
5449) or Dr. David Burgess (020 7882
5460) or consult

Only application forms will be accepted and these may be obtained
by telephoning Ms. Sharon Silverne on 020 7882 5514 or by emailing quoting Reference 01155. Completed
application forms should be returned by 17 September 2001 to Ms.
Sharon Silverne, School of Mathematical Sciences, Queen Mary,
University of London, London E1 4NS. Letters of reference should be
sent to Prof. Steve Schwartz, c/o Ms. Sharon Silverne, School of
Mathematical Sciences, Queen Mary, University of London, London E1
4NS, UK, to arrive by 17 September 2001.

3.  Vacancy at the Belgian Institute for Space Aeronomy (BIRA/IASB)
From: Daniel Heynderickx

BIRA/IASB is starting a study of electron acceleration in the outer
radiation belt
in the framework of a PRODEX contract. A postDoc (or equivalent)
position is open for a duration of two years to carry out the following
- Review of storm time models
- Find correlations between electron variations and space environment
  using ESA (Meteosat, STRV) and other data sets
- Build statistical, parameter-driven models
- Extend the model coverage using physical models (e.g. Salammbô)
- Improve existing or build new storm time models
  The work includes the implementation of the satellite data on BIRA/IASB
  infrastructure and liaison with the data providers.
  Candidates shall have experience in space physics and processing of
  satellite data sets. Experience with the OpenVMS operating system and
  with IDL are a plus.

  Applications and CVs to be sent to:
  Dr. D. Heynderickx
  Ringlaan 3
  B-1180 Brussel
  Tel.: +32-2-3730417

4. Some ESA Tender Actions from ESA EMITS 

      (From 11/09/2001 to 26/10/2001, Act.Ref.: 01.160.48)

For more information and the complete List of ESA Tender Action please
look at:

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