Space Weather Euro News Vol.5 Issue 05 (24-04-2001) 

Table of Contents: 
1. Latest updates to SPENVIS
2. GRIDs and Low-Cost Massively Parallel Processing Applications to Space
   Weather and Space Environment Problems
3. Space Environments and Effects R&D Final Presentations Day 2001
4. Some ESA Tender Actions from ESA EMITS
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1. Latest updates to SPENVIS
From: Daniel Heynderickx 

Below is a description of the latest updates to SPENVIS. This
information, together with previous updates, can also be consulted at

- Data from the KED instrument on ISEE-2 have been added to the data 
  base queries.

- New layout for the results file page and the plot page

- The PNG and TIFF formats have been added to all remaining output pages.

- A number of inactive user accounts has been deleted. Together with an
  upgrade of BIRA's network connections, this has speeded up access to 
  the system. In order to minimize the system load, please delete output 
  from projects that is no longer needed.

- Intranet and stand-alone versions for MS-Windows systems can be 
  purchased at the following rates:

   + single user, commercial rate: 5,000 EUR
   + single user, academic rate: 2,000 EUR
   + additional licences: 500 EUR (commercial) or 200 EUR (academic) 
      per licence
   + unlimited number of licences (total price): 8,000 EUR 
      (commercial) or 3,200 EUR (academic)

- The following bugs and errors have been fixed:
   + some of the plots for the positional magnetic field models were 
      not produced
   + the data base queries have been off-line for technical reasons
   + access to the STRV1b data base was temporarily prohibited
   + the search tool in the help system has been off-line

- New tools or upgrades currently under development:
   + development of a utility to fold dose curves produced by SHIELDOSE, 
     SHIELDOSE-2 and the NIEL damage model with the shielding distribution
     produced by the sectoring tool
   + improvements to the surface distribution algorithm in the sectoring
   + implementation of combined runs for the radiation analysis,
     i.e. selection of multiple models that can be run in one request


D. Heynderickx
SPENVIS Project Manager

2. GRIDs and Low-Cost Massively Parallel Processing Applications to Space
   Weather and Space Environment Problems
From: E. Daly 

ESA has released an invitation to tender on "STUDY OF GRIDS AND
activity, the contractor will look at applications of emerging computing 
technologies in various domains, including Space Weather, Spacecraft 
Plasma Interactions, and Energetic Particle Interactions. Specialists 
in these areas can register their interest via the ESA EMITS system 

Complement from H. Evans

Thursday 26th April, 14:00 a webcast of the SpaceGRID Information
Session will be made via the url:
This URL will require the installation of the RealPlayer Plug-in,
available from

In addition, there will be a "chatroom" that will concentrate on the
SpaceGRID topics, and allow people to participate in the live discussions
and conferences taking place that day. This will be available from:

Please check the EMITS web site for further details.

3. Space Environments and Effects R&D Final Presentations Day 2001
From: E. Daly 

The ESA Space Environments and Effects Analysis section sponsors 
research and development activities in the "Space Environments and 
Effects Technical Domain" of the Agency's R&D programmes, such as the 
Technology Research Programme (TRP), the General Support Technology 
Programme (GSTP) and the General Studies Programme (GSP). A day of 
grouped final presentations will be held at ESTEC on 17th May. Grouping
of these activities allows wide exposure of the results and thorough 
discussion of issues arising from them. Brief status reports on on-going 
studies will als oo be made. The programme and abstracts for the 2001 FP 
is available on the web.

4.  Some ESA Tender Actions from ESA EMITS 
        (From 19/04/2001 to 18/06/2001, Act.Ref.: 00.153.06)

        (From 06/04/2001 to 01/06/2001, Act.Ref.: 01.1AE.04)

For more information and the complete List of ESA Tender Action please 
 look at: 


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 Hannu Koskinen, SCOSTEP working group on Space weather
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 Henrik Lundstedt, Lund space weather center
 Goetz Paschmann, ISSI
 Jean-Yves Prado, CNES Programme Directorate
 Michael Rycroft, ISU
 Volker Bothmer, EGS-Solar Physics Secretary
 Wolfgang Baumjohann, MPE-German Representative
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