Space Weather Euro News Vol.5 Issue 01 (10-01-2001) 

Table of Contents: 
***************************************************************** 1.First CHAMP Sample Data Sets Available
2.Progress in Space Solar Patrol Mission
3.Solar Encounter: The First Solar Orbiter Workshop
4.Round Table on 21st Century Monte Carlo Methods for Space Applications
5.Some ESA Tender Actions from ESA EMITS
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1. First CHAMP Sample Data Sets Available
From: Hermann Luehr                                                 e-mail

Dear colleagues,

Below please find the official announcement of the first CHAMP sample data set.

CHAMP is a dedicated satellite mission for studying of the gravity field, magnetic field and for sounding the atmosphere. CHAMP is still in the Commissioning Phase therefore the full accuracy of the data has not yet reached. Our intention is to make the international community familiar with the data available and with the data formats.

Please visit our CHAMP web site for more details

Best regards,
Hermann Luehr
(PI Magnetic Field Investigations)

Dear colleagues,

To get access to the announced CHAMP sample data sets which were released today (Dec. 8, 2000), please visit the CHAMP Newsletter No. 2 on our CHAMP WWW homepage

Kind regards,
Ch. Reigber
CHAMP Project Director

2. Progress in Space Solar Patrol Mission
From: S. Avakyan                                                                e-mail:

Dear SWEN readers,

We have finished the manufacture and testing of our apparatus for Space Solar Patrol Mission (Radiometer and EUV-spectrometer) and now we will make the solar X-ray spectrometer (project # 1523 "Creation of the X-ray spectrometer for permanent space solar patrol").

Best wishes for the New Year

Sincerely yours,

S. Avakyan

3. Solar Encounter: The First Solar Orbiter Workshop
From: Rainer Schwenn                                           e-mail:

Solar Encounter: The First Solar Orbiter Workshop Santa Cruz, Tenerife (Spain)
14-18 May, 2001

Dear colleagues,

The Solar Orbiter was selected three months ago as an ESA F-mission for the time frame 2008-2013 (for information see: It is now up to the solar/heliospheric community to exploit this excellent opportunity to the full. To that effect, the first Solar Orbiter workshop is now being organised.

The meeting will take place on 14-18 May, 2001, in Santa Cruz, Tenerife (Spain).

The prime objectives of the Solar Orbiter workshop are to

- inform the community about the science opportunities of the Solar Orbiter mission,
- provide a forum for sharpening and focusing the science goals,
- allow the hardware groups and future instrument proposers to review critically the strawman payload,
- establish international contacts and collaborations.

The Solar Orbiter workshop is sponsored by ESA and supported by the other space agencies. It is also an opportunity for the space agencies to discuss inter-agency collaboration.

It is intended to have a healthy mix of invited tutorial/review talks and contributed talks/posters. Ample time will be allocated for splinter group discussions.

The members of the Scientific Organising Committee (SOC) are:

E. Antonucci, P. Bochsler, J.-L. Bougeret, P. Cargill, M. Carlsson, M. Coradini, B. Fleck, R. Harrison, E. Marsch (Chair), R. Marsden, V. Martinez-Pillet, E. Priest, R. Schwenn, P. Tondello, J.-C. Vial.

A full 1-week workshop is envisaged. The "Instituto de Astrophysica de Canarias" (IAC) in Tenerife is organising the meeting and provides the required infra-structure. All necessary  information on travel, accommodation, registration, abstract deadlines, can be found on the web-site The local organisation
team is led by V. Martinez-Pillet.

We encourage you, the active members of the European and world-wide solar/heliospheric science community, to attend the Solar Orbiter workshop and engage yourselves in this fascinating and challenging project.

On behalf of the Organising Committee,

Eckart Marsch
(Chair, SOC)

4. Round Table on 21st Century Monte Carlo Methods for Space Applications
From: Petteri Nieminem                                           e-mail:

Round Table on 21st Century Monte Carlo Methods for Space Applications

Monte Carlo methods have been utilised in various problems and applications involving particle transport analysis since 1940s. Today, these methods are widely used in diverse fields such as nuclear and accelerator studies, medical radiotherapy treatment planning, biological applications and fundamental physics experiments. Space and
astrophysics have become a significant user category, with requirements ranging from instrument and detector response verification to radiation shielding optimisation and analysis of biological effects.

The aim of this Round Table is to bring together experts and users of advanced Monte Carlo methods, with the emphasis on space-related applications and developments of such methods in the 21st century. The topics of this "roadmap" gathering include, but are not limited to :

- Emerging requirements in space electronics and science detector systems 
- Implications of IT trends (software, hardware, networks) 
- Extensions to very low energies in the simulation of electromagnetic physics 
- Biological effects at the cellular and DNA level; interface of  physics to chemical and biological processes 
- Simulations of future astronaut and aircrew radiation hazards 
- Planetary exploration applications 
- Use of Monte Carlo in connection with heuristic methods such as genetic algorithms and neural networks 
- Microdosimetry and other applications on future micro- and nanodevices in space 

More information is available in the Round Table home page at

5. Some ESA Tender Actions from ESA EMITS 

(From 15/12/2000 to 15/02/2001, Act.Ref.: 00.181.01) 

(From 13/12/2000 to 01/03/2001, Act.Ref.: 99.1CA.05)

(From 05/12/2000 to 28/02/2001, Act.Ref.: 00.153.01)

For more information and the complete List of ESA Tender Action please
look at:

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