Space Weather Euro News Vol.4 Issue 19 (17-11-2000) 

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***************************************************************** 1. Presentation of SEVEM site.
2. Aurora forecast for the Kiruna region 
3. Call for Papers for EGS 26th General Assembly Session ST-18 on 
"Space Weather"
4. Some ESA Tender Actions from ESA EMITS 
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1. Presentation of SEVEM site.
From:  Fabien DARROUZET                        e-mail: Fabien.Darrouzet@bira-iasb.oma

At the Belgian Institute for Space Aeronomy, a Web site has been created by Fabien Darrouzet and Joseph Lemaire: SEVEM (Survey of ELF and VLF Experiments in the Magnetosphere)

The SEVEM Web site contains a catalogue/table of all the missions/satellites in the terrestrial magnetosphere which are, or have been, equipped with radio antennae and/or fluxgate magnetometers.
The site contains a comprehensive survey of each satellite, presenting, for example, contact numbers, orbital parameters, description of experiments, bibliographical references concerning the experiments and preliminary results, location and format of data, links to web sites, etc...

The long-term objective of this work is, by examining and analyzing satellite electromagnetic magnetospheric data, to make statistical maps of the VLF, ELF and plasma wave distribution in the magnetosphere, and to develop empirical and statistical models of the 3-dimensional distribution of wave parameters such as amplitude,
polarization and frequency.

2. Aurora forecast for the Kiruna region.
From:  Henrik Lundstedt                                                         e-mail:

Lund Space Weather Center ( started in September this year to offer forecasts of aurora for the Kiruna region of northern Sweden.

First you subscribe on the forecasts via the science tourist company "Kiruna forskningsturism" in Kiruna  ( You will then receive a mobile phone SMS message from Lund every hour between 19 and 23 local time
about the possibilities of seeing aurora one hour ahead, or just one message at 20 about the possibilities of seeing aurora three hours ahead. These messages are offered either in Swedish or English.

The forecasts are based on neural network models using real-time solar wind data from the ACE spacecraft.

The interest in forecasts of aurora has been so great among the public and companies (e.g. hotels and SAS) that we now plan to offer forecasts for the whole northern Scandinavia. Even forecasts for other more southern locations are discussed.

Science Tourism is a rapidly growing business and probably a very important market of space weather. The interest of media has been overwhelming. TV, radio and newspapers have had reports about the forecasts of aurora.

A conference on Science Tourism, arranged by the Environment and Space Research Institute (MRI,, will be held at the Swedish Institute of Space Physics in Kiruna on November 29-30, 2000. This conference will mainly be focused on how to improve the Science Tourism in the northern Sweden. However, we see many opportunities for other places as well.

With the rapid development of new techniques for the mobile phones we also see many new ways of delivering the messages e.g. using WAP and video techniques. Finally, there is also an interest in receiving mobile phone messages about the solar weather and that will soon also be addressed.

Henrik Lundstedt
Swedish Institute of Space Physics
Solar-Terrestrial Physics Division
Lund, Sweden

3. Call for Papers for EGS 26th General Assembly Session ST-18 on  "Space Weather"
From: Mike Hapgood                                                    e-mail:

European Geophysical Society
26th General Assembly
Nice-Acropolis Centre
Nice, France, 25-30 March 2001

Deadline for Abstracts: 01 December 2000

ST18. Space Weather

For convenience of organisation, this year's session is divided into two subsections. The lead convenors for each subsection will liase to ensure the best division of papers between the two subsections.

01 Observational results

Dr Mike Hapgood, Rutherford Appleton Laboratory, Chilton, Didcot, Oxfordshire, OX11 0QX, UK. Tel: +44 1235 44 6520, Fax: +44 1235 44 5848, Email:
Dr Volker Bothmer, Extraterrestrische Physik, IEAP, Universität Kiel, Otto-Hahn-Platz, 24188 Kiel, Germany, Tel: +49 431 880-2508, Fax: +49 431 85660, Email:
Dr Jan Lastovicka, Institute of Atmospheric Physics, Bocni II, 141 31 Prague 4, Czech
Republic, Tel: +420-2-67103055, Fax: + 420-2-72762528, Email:

We still lack much basic scientific knowledge of the various phenomenon that contribute to the variability of the global Space Weather picture, e.g. the solar signatures that precede a coronal mass ejection or the solar/coronal causes of major solar energetic particle events are poorly understood. This part of the session will focus on new observational results that improve our knowledge of the science that underpins space weather.

02 Modelling

Dr Francois Lefeuvre, LPCE / CNRS, 3A Avenue de la Recherche
Scientifique, 45071 Orléans cedex 2, France. Tel: +33 2 38 25 52 84,
Fax: +33 2 38 63 12 34, Email:
Dr Norma Crosby, Mullard Space Science Laboratory, Holmbury St Mary,
Dorking, Surrey, RH5 6NT, UK. Tel: +44 1483 204299, Fax: +44 1483
278312; Email:

Modelling plays a critical role in space weather. It not only helps us to understand the science underpinning space weather but also provides a mechanism to extrapolate relevant observations in both space and time. Models are therefore fundamental to the forecasting, nowcasting and even postcasting of space weather effects.

Contributed papers are very welcome and may be scheduled as either oral or poster presentations.  Abstracts should be submitted to the EGS Office, with copies to the conveners of the appropriate sub-session.  Details regarding abstract submission can be found at
The EGS 26th Gen. Assy. homepage can be found at:

Max-Planck-Str. 13
D-37191 Katlenburg-Lindau
Tel.: +49-5556-1440
Fax: +49-5556-4709

4. Some ESA Tender Actions from ESA EMITS 

(From 14/11/2000 to 20/12/2000, Act.Ref.: 00.1JP.13)

(From 09/11/2000 to 12/01/2001, Act.Ref.: 99.1JP.15)

(From 01/11/2000 to 15/12/2000, Act.Ref.: 00.1JP.07)

(From 25/10/2000 to 12/12/2000, Act.Ref.: 00.1JP.11)

(From 20/10/2000 to15/12/2000, Act.Ref.: 00.129.09)

(From 18/10/2000 to 25/11/2000, Act.Ref.: 00.1SA.05)

For more information and the complete List of ESA Tender Action please
look at:

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