Space Weather Euro News Vol.4 Issue 13 (26-07-2000)

Table of Contents:
1.  Job vacancies in ESA Space Science Department
2. Two postdoctoral positions at MSSL
3. Some ESA Tender Actions
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1. Job vacancies in ESA Space Science Department
From: Richard Marsden                                               Email:

Job vacancies in ESA Space Science Department:

ESA/VN-ESTEC(2000)090 Head of the Science Payloads Technology
Division A5

ESTEC(NL) 24 August 2000 ESA/VN-ESTEC(2000)089 Head of the
Research Division  A5 ESTEC(NL) 24 August 2000

ESA/VN-ESTEC(2000)088 Head of the Science Operations A5 ESTEC(NL)
24 August 2000

For more information cf

2. Two postdoctoral positions at MSSL
From: Andrew Coates                                                        Email:

Mullard Space Science Laboratory
Department of Space & Climate Physics
University College London

Two postdoctoral positions

Our Space Plasma Physics Group pursue research in magnetospheric
physics (including cusp, wave-particle interactions and
substorms), planetary physics and space weather.   We are
international leaders in the study of, and in providing
instrumentation to measure, electrons and ions in space plasmas.
Current mission involvements include Cluster II, Cassini, Beagle
2, Polar, Geotail , Wind and Interball.

Scientist to exploit Cluster II data

We are the Principal Investigator group for the PEACE (electron)
instrument on ESA's Cluster II mission, to be launched in July
and August 2000. We seek a scientist to play a key role in the
scientific analysis of data from the quartet of spacecraft. This
position is supported by the group's PPARC rolling grant, and is
available for two years in the first instance. Experience in the
area of magnetospheric substorms, or in space plasma data
analysis, would be an advantage. Start date 1 September 2000 or
as soon as possible thereafter.

Scientist for space weather studies

We are beginning, via the Tsunami initiative, a study for
insurers of the causes of satellite failures and anomalies in
space. We will evaluate the role of space weather in the
increasing proportion of in-orbit insurance losses. The
successful candidate will play a key role in quantifying the
risks, comparing with measured space weather parameters and
providing tested real-time risk indices for the insurance
industry. Start date as soon as possible, position available for
one year.

Salary for both positions, based at Holmbury St Mary, will be in
the range 18,185-22,579 (under review) dependent on experience.
Further information at, contact Dr Andrew
Coates ( Applications, including a CV,
publications list, names and addresses of two referees and a
brief description of research experience and aspirations, should
be sent by 19 July 2000* to Mrs E.A.Daghorn (,
Mullard Space Science Laboratory, University College London,
Holmbury St Mary, Dorking RH5 6NT, UK.

*We will look at applications received in the next couple of days
due to the SWEN distribution being delayed (although the actual
deadline is passed)

3. Some ESA Tender Actions from ESA EMITS

       (Open from 13/07/2000 to 07/09/2000, Act.Ref.: 00.187.03)

      (Open from 18/07/2000 to 18/09/2000, Act.Ref.: 00.117.05)

       (Open from 26/07/2000 to 29/09/2000, Act.Ref.: 00.154.01)

For more information and the complete list of ESA Tender Actions
please look at:

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