Space Weather Euro News Vol.4 Issue 11 (25-05-2000)

Table of Contents:
1. Workshop on Space Weather Market Requirements
2. Report on Space Weather Week 2000
3. Some ESA Tender Actions
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1. Workshop on Space Weather Market Requirements
 From: Mike Hapgood                                                 Email:

The Rutherford Appleton Laboratory (RAL) is leading one of two parallel contracts
that are studying the requirements for, and possible implementation of, a Space
Weather programme within the European Space Agency. As part of that study, our
team is now working to establish a realistic view on the potential market for
space weather products. To seek guidance from potential users of space weather
products, we will be holding an on-line (or virtual) workshop during June 2000.
If you are interested to take part in this workshop, please visit the workshop
web page on

Please could I ask you to pass this note to any colleagues who you think may be
interested to take part but who don't get this newsletter.

I wish to stress that all contributions to the workshop will be treated in
confidence. Only the general findings of the workshop will be included in the
study report. The workshop results will be analysed by an experienced space
industry market analysis team (from Astrium, the new European space company
formed by the merger of Matra Marconi Space and the space activities of Daimler
Chrysler Aerospace).

We are seeking guidance from as wide a range of potential users as is possible.
These include both end-users (e.g. organisations running systems vulnerable to
space weather) and intermediate-users (e.g. companies taking data from a basic
space weather system in order to provide value-added services). We would be very
interested to hear from both groups. Similarly, we are interested to hear not
only from users concerned with effects on spacecraft systems, but also from users
concerned with effects on ground-based systems and aircraft systems - and most
importantly with effects on human beings.

If you have any queries on the workshop, or any other aspects of our study,
please contact the study manager, Mike Hapgood (Email:

Other web links:
RAL study home page:
ESA study home page

2. Report on Space Weather Week 2000
From: Barbara Poppe                                              Email:

Space Weather Week 2000 has concluded and by all measures was a great success.
More people than ever (225) attended the 4 1/2 day event. The mix of people
allowed stimulating and enlightening dialog in the many forums afforded during
the week. The conference agenda was packed with 81 oral presentations, a dozen
hours of structured discussion, and 56 posters focusing on a broad range of
research and space weather operations topics.  Numerous side meetings were held
that ran into evenings, over lunches, and into the weekend.

A few highlights of the presentations that were given include: satellite risk
from an insurance company view point, the challenge of making space weather
forecasts with the sparse data that are available in real time, a dramatic
unfolding of the severe geomagnetic storm that occurred in March 1989, and recent
progress in numerical modeling and new data sources that are allowing more timely
and more accurate predictions of space weather.

The user conference part of the week ended Thursday morning with a wrap-up of the
data and product needs identified by the users. These will be posted on the SEC
website within the month. The research meeting concluded a day later, having
covered the various regions of the space environment and the international and
interagency projects that are the core of space weather research and its
transition to operations.

The attendance of the International Space Environment Services (ISES) workshops
included representatives from every member country and fostered profoundly
important discussions that resulted in a new constitution, revised membership
rules, and a vision for future growth and development.

For more info:

3. Some ESA Tender Actions from ESA EMITS
          (Open from 17/05/2000 to 05/07/2000, Act.Ref.: 00.117.03)

For more information and the complete list of ESA Tender Actions
please look at:

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 Jean-Yves Prado, CNES-ONERA working group on space weather
 Michael Rycroft, ISU
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