Space Weather Euro News Vol.4 Issue 5 (3-02-2000)

Table of Contents:
1. Space Weather briefing note for UK politicans
2. CNES Employment Opportunity
3. 1st Announcement and Call for Papers for 1st S-RAMP Conf.
   Symposium on 'Space Weather: Prediction Technique'
4. Some ESA Tender Actions
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1. Space Weather briefing note for UK politicans
From Mike Hapgood                   E-mail:

The UK Parliamentary Office of Science & Technology (POST) has recently
published a briefing note on Space Weather. This is one of a series of short
(4 page) notes that aim to brief Members of Parliament on important issues
in science and technology. The Space Weather note can be viewed via the POST
web site at

2. CNES Employment Opportunity
From: Christopher HARVEY     E-mail:

The CNES has the possibility of employing a non-French citizen of the
European Union as an engineer in the Département Valorisation et Gestion
des Données Spatiales, in Toulouse.  The post is for 18 months.

This department of the CNES is responsible for handling (pre-processing,
archiving) the scientific data from experiments developed with the CNES
participation ; this includes the CNES contribution to the CDPP (see  The work will consist of helping prepare data
sets for archiving at the CDPP.  This includes validation of the
syntactic description of the data (its format), and validation of the
semantic description (its meaning), and preparation of data and
meta-data objects for insertion in the archive.  The working language
is French, and French reading ability is required ; a working knowledge
of English is will be essential at he beginning in the case of
difficulties in speaking French.  Some scientific background would be

For further information please contact the Head of the Department, Claude
Huc :
Candidates should send, as soon as possible and to the same address :
  - date of birth, nationality and marital status
  - a brief Curriculum Vitae,
  - their current professional situation
  - a word about their motivation

3. First Announcement and Call for Papers for 1st S-RAMP Conf.
   Symposium on 'Space Weather: Prediction Technique'
From: Henrik Lundstedt                                  E-mail:

1st S-RAMP Conference
October 2-6, 2000, Sapporo, Japan
Abstract Deadline, May 15, 2000

Advances in artificial intelligence (AI) and Chaos Theory (non-linear
dynamics) as well as improved physics-based models combined with the
availability of new real-time data, and the increasing activity of solar

cycle 23 make this an exciting time to compare and discuss space weather

prediction techniques.  Thanks to recent data gathering campaigns,
breakthroughs have been made in the understanding of solar magnetic flux

emergence, the birth and evolution of active regions, coronal mass
ejections, and solar wind forcing of ionospheric and magnetospheric
conditions.  With this new knowledge we anticipate many interesting and
important improvements of the prediction of space weather and its
effects in near future.  The space weather forecast centers ingest real-time
data operationally and desire to transition the most promising research
models into operational use. All these developments (and the unfolding
of Solar Cycle 23) point to the timeliness of a symposium on prediction
techniques.  We solicit papers on prediction techniques applied to space
weather and its effects.

We also wish to hold "An Olympic Prediction Challenge" in Sapporo! This
will be similar to the "Geomagnetic Index Prediction Challenge" that is
part of the Research to Operations Conference during the Space Weather
Week meeting at NOAA/Space Environment Center in Boulder 2000 May 1-4.
(See for details.) Details
of the "Olympic Prediction Challenge in Sapporo" are still in
development, and will be advertised later; suggestions (to the symposium organizers)
are welcome.

Symposium Organizers:

Thomas Detman (
NOAA, Space Environment Center, Boulder, CO, USA

Henrik Lundstedt (
Swedish Institute of Space Physics and
Lund Space Weather Center - HELIOS,

Program Committee:

J. Chen, H. Coffey, J. Freeman, T. Hoeksema,
R.L. McPherron, R. Thompson, D. Vassiliadis, S. Watari

For more information about S-RAMP and the Conference, please see the
following websites:

4. Some ESA Tender Actions

       (Open from 03/02/2000 to 20/03/2000, Act.Ref.: 99.1TS.01)
       (Open from 02/02/2000 to 28/03/2000, Act.Ref.: 99.1JP.22)
      (Open from 31/01/2000 to 13/03/2000, Act.Ref.: 99.1WM.07)

       (Open from 26/01/2000 to 27/03/2000, Act.Ref.: 99.1XR.03)

For more information and the complete list of ESA Tender Actions
please look at:

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