Space Weather Euro News Vol.4 Issue 4 (24-01-2000)

Table of Contents:
1. Advanced Study Institute on Space Weather (ESA support)
2. Space Weather Week (Meeting Scheduled for May 1-5, 2000)
3. Vacancy for Scientist in the Cluster II Sc. Operations
4. Some ESA Tender Actions
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1. Advanced Study Institute on Space Weather (ESA support)
From E. Daly                   E-mail:

The European Space Agency (ESA) is willing to sponsor
partially the  attendance of up to three young engineers or
scientists from ESA  member states to attend the Advanced
Study Institute in June (see The partial
support will  take the form of a contribution to the travel and
subsistence up to a  ceiling of 1000 Euros. Applicants should
send a brief letter of request  and CV to Dr. Eamonn Daly
(, ESA/ESTEC by 31  January.

2. Space Weather Week (Meeting Scheduled for May 1-5, 2000)
From: Barbara Poppe            E-mail:

Space Environment Center will host the second annual Space
Weather  Week during the week of May 1, 2000 in Boulder,
Colorado.  Space  Weather Week will include the Research-to-
Operations Workshop (co- organized by Air Force Research
Laboratory and NSF Division of  Atmospheric Science), the
SEC Users Conference (co-sponsored by  Aerospace Corp.,
SUNBURST, and the U.S. Coast  Guard).  The  meeting will
provide an opportunity for modelers to describe  tools that  will
soon be available for space weather services, and will  provide
an  opportunity for the space weather operations centers and
users  of space  weather services to describe their current
capabilities and their   priorities for improving services.  By
combining the Users Conference,  the  Research-to-Operations
Workshop, and the Vendors Meeting, these  overlapping
communities will be able to assess the needs for enhanced
operational  services and to assess the capabilities and
limitations of our  scientific  and operational tools.  Further
details regarding the meeting  agenda and  travel details will be
announced in the near future.

3. Vacancy for Sceientist in the Cluster II Sc. Operations
From: Mike Hapgood            E-mail

CLRC is seeking to recruit a scientist to work at the Rutherford
Appleton Laboratory in the team that will run Joint Science
Operations  Centre for ESA's Cluster-II  mission to study the
space plasma  environment in and around the Earth's
magnetosphere. The person  appointed will work at the heart of
Cluster-II science  operations. Full  details of this post
(including duties, salary and application procedure)  are
available  on the jobs pages of CLRC web site - please see

NOTE: The closing date for applications is 31 January 2000.

4. Some ESA Tender Actions

(Open from 17/01/2000 to 03/03/2000, Act.Ref.: 00.1QQ.01)

For more information and the complete list of ESA Tender Actions
please look at:

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