Space Weather Euro News Vol.3 Issue 10 (16-06-1999)

Table of Contents:
  1. EGS Space Weather Business Meeting Report
  2. Invitation to Tender for the Study of ESA Space WeatherProgramme
  3. News from S-RAMP Space Weather Working Group
  4. Current ESA Research Fellowship Vacancies in the SolarSystem Division
  5. Some ESA Tender Actions
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1. EGS Space Weather Business Meeting Report

From: N. Crosby E-mail:

The EGS Space Weather Business Meeting: Space Weather Efforts in Europe - Co-ordination of Current Activities and Future Plans" was held on 22 April 1999 at the "EGS XXIV General Assembly", The Hague, The Netherlands. The resume of this meeting (report) is now available

2. Invitation to Tender for the Study of ESA Space Weather Programme

From: A. Hilgers E-mail:

The Invitation To Tender (ITT) for the study of ESA space weather programme is now available on EMITS.
In case of problem to download the information please contact:

3. News from S-RAMP Space Weather Working Group

From: H. Koskinen E-mail:

1) Space Weather Campaign September 1999

I wish to remind you that the S-RAMP Program of SCOSTEP has selected September 1999 as a special Space Weather Campaign Month. During the month all observers are encouraged to have their facilities running in optimal modes for possible (and probable) space weather events. The S-RAMP Space Weather Working Group has established a special web site under our space weather server:

Push the button of the Campaign and you find more information. There is also a SIGN-UP FORM where you can indicate what kind of data you will be able to provide during this period.

For more information of S-RAMP, please visit also the web site:

2) First S-RAMP Conference, Sapporo, Japan, October 2-6, 2000

The First S-RAMP Conference will be held in the city of Sapporo in Japan on October 2-6, 2000. This will be a major Solar-Terrestrial Physics conference covering the whole chain of physical phenomena from coronal mass ejections to the middle atmosphere. Space weather will play a very central role in the program of the conference; there will be two Symposia: Space Weather and Space Weather Prediction Technique and three Workshops: Space Weather Observation Techniques, Satellite Anomalies, and April-May 1998/September 1999 Events.

For more information, see
Hannu Koskinen
Chairman of S-RAMP Space Weather Working Group

4. Current ESA Research Fellowship Vacancies in the Solar System Division

From: R. Marsden E-mail:

Applications for up to five INTERNAL ESA Research Fellowships are solicited for appointment in the autumn of 1999. Priority will be given to candidates in the following areas:

Heliospheric physics, to work on energetic particle data and modeling in connection with the Ulysses and WIND spacecraft missions.

Magnetospheric physics, to work on topics in preparation of the Cluster II mission, especially related to quasi-static electric field research.

Solar physics, including helioseismology, solar/stellar coronal activity, and SOHO data analysis.

More details are available at

Submitted by Richard Marsden, Solar System Division

5. Some ESA Tender Actions

From: N. Crosby E-mail:

(Open from 11/06/1999 to 13/09/1999, Act.Ref.: 99.1WM.01)
(Open from 31/05/1999 to 20/09/1999, Act.Ref.: 99.136.04)

For more information and the complete list of ESA Tender Actions please look at:

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  • Pierre Lantos, ISES
  • Henrik Lundstedt, Lund space weather center
  • Goetz Paschmann, ISSI
  • Jean-Yves Prado, CNES-ONERA working group on space weather
  • Michael Rycroft, ISU 
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