Space Weather Euro News Vol.3 Issue 8 (06-05-1999)

Table of Contents:
  1. ESA Technology Programme Preparation 
  2. Presentation of ESA Space Weather Activities on the Web
  3. Workshop on Applications of GNSS Surface Reflections: from Modeling to User Requirements 
  4. SREW and WRMISS Workshop - First Announcement and Call for Papers
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1. ESA Technology Programme Preparation

From: E. Daly E-mail:

The Agency is starting internal debates to prepare the next Technology Research Programme (TRP) and General Support Technology Programme (GSTP). SWEN readers in ESA member states may be interested in submitting proposals for these programmes, and invitations to tender will be notified through the ESA EMITS system, as usual. However, for activities to be accepted into the GSTP, which is an optional programme, support from the national delegation to the ESA Industrial Policy Committee (IPC) is required. GSTP usually has a larger budget than TRP. You may consider discussing potential technology research proposals with your delegation, with a view to having them entered into the programme. We would also be interested in your ideas, in very abbreviated form (~1 paragraph) relating to TECHNOLOGY research in the Space Environments and Effects and/or Space Weather domains. Use my e-mail address given above.  

2. Presentation of ESA Space Weather Activities on the Web 

From: N. Crosby      E-mail:

"ESA Space Weather Activities" were presented at SEC Space Weather Week (NOAA/SEC, Boulder, Co, USA, April 19-23, 1999). A copy of the slides are available on the "ESA Space Weather Web Server"

3. Workshop on Applications of GNSS Surface Reflections:
from Modeling to User Requirements

From: G. Ruffini           E-mail:

Announcement of Workshop on Applications of GNSS Surface Reflections:
from Modeling to User Requirements.

July 6th 1999, De Bilt, The Netherlands Organized by the IEEC/CSIC and KNMI Workshop Sponsored by ESA


The European Space Agency sponsors a workshop for modelers and potential  users of GPS surface reflection data. The workshop shall address the problem  from two complementary points of view. One, the potential data products from  GPS reflection data. Two, the users' needs.  The first will need input from  modelers and instrument specialists,  the other from the users. Potential  GPS surface reflections products are: Wind data, Sea State, Significant Wave  Height, Altimetry data, Tropospheric and Ionospheric Delays. Potential  applications/users in Oceanography, Meteorology and Space Weather. In the case  of Space Weather, ionospheric delay surface reflection data could increase  significantly the spatial and temporal coverage of present systems. 

One of the goals of the workshop is to stimulate discussion between modelers,  instrumentalists and users, so as to ensure that the potentials of the technique  are fully exploited.  

4. SREW and WRMISS Workshop - First Announcement and Call for Papers

From: C. Ripley E-mail:

Space Radiation Environment Workshop (SREW)
Workshop on Radiation Monitoring for the
International Space Station (WRMISS)

Dear Colleague,

You are cordially invited to join us at the Space Radiation Environment Workshop (SREW) and/or the Workshop on Radiation Monitoring for the International Space Station (WRMISS).  

SREW from 1 to 3 November 1999
RMISS from 3 to 5 November 1999

Whittle Lecture Theatre
Arthur C Clarke Building,
DERA Farnborough,

The Space Radiation Environment Workshop has become a near annual tradition with previous extremely fruitful meetings held in Dubna in 1993, Brussels in 1995, ESTEC in 1996 and Moscow in 1997.

The Workshop on Radiation Monitoring for the International Space Station is an annual meeting first held in Bulgaria in 1996, followed by meetings in Bonn-Wachtberg, Germany and Budapest, Hungary. After very fruitful discussions a set of recommendations for future research and instrument development was issued and distributed to all relevant bodies.

Following discussions amongst the organising committees for these events, it has been decided that this year they can be valuably combined to run in succession during the week commencing 1st November 1999. The site of the meeting is the new corporate headquarters of the Defence Evaluation and Research Agency at Farnborough in England. The Farnborough site affords excellent conference facilities and is conveniently located 20 miles south west of London Heathrow Airport with good road and rail connections to London, Europe (via Eurostar), Gatwick Airport, and the South Coast channel ports.

SREW - The aim of the SREW is to review the status of the models and standards applied to space radiation in the light of new data, and to define a roadmap for updating the existing models.  The meeting should provide a highly beneficial forum for advancing international collaborations in this area; e.g. the International Solar-Terrestrial Physics Science Initiative and the COSPAR Panel on Standard Radiation Belts. 

Considerable emphasis will be placed on the influence of Space Weather and on the aspects of the radiation environment which lead to deleterious effects and anomalies in space systems.

The conference will combine formal presentations, poster sessions and working groups on the following topics:

Models of radiation belt particles, cosmic rays and solar particle events. Data to inform, construct and test the models including; recent results, future availability (e.g. ISTP, STRV, IMEX), usability, accessibility and format. The influence of radiation shielding and the application of radiation transport codes. Radiation effects and spacecraft charging. Space Weather. International standards.

WRMISS  - The WRMISS has the objective to discuss the scientific definition of an adequate radiation monitoring package and its use by the scientific community on the ISS. Types of instruments and f research topics need to be defined in order to optimise the radiation safety of the ISS crew.  The workshop will allocate half the programme to presentations on recent dosimetric results, instrument development and improvements to space radiation models, while the other half is reserved for discussions on future common activities. The following topics will be covered:

  • Recent results from measurements in space
  • Calibration of instruments
  • New development of instruments
  • Improvements to space radiation models
  • Radiation monitoring package- Scientific and operational aspects
  • Data base
  • Future activities- Flight opportunities, Calibrations

Books of abstracts will be available at registration for both the workshops. It is intended to publish the proceedings of SREW following a brief review process. For the WRMISS  a book of abstracts will be available but, as in the past, no proceedings will be published. A protocol of the workshop and recommendations will be issued and distributed.

Participants may register for either or both workshops. The fees have not been finalised at this stage but will be in the region of:
SREW only: 175:00
WRMISS only: 75:00
Both workshops: 200:00

The fees will include :

  • Copy of the abstracts and proceedings
  • Monday 1st November - Opening wine and beer reception to
  • accompany an evening poster session including a British Guy Fawkes
  • fireworks display
  • Tuesday 2nd November - SREW Conference Dinner at a cosy English country hotel; featuring dinner, drinks and traditional entertainment
  • Thursday 4th November - WRMISS Conference Dinner

There are a number of local hotels in the area ranging from 40 per night upwards. Early booking is encouraged to secure the less expensive options. Details will be issued on receipt of the pre-registration form and with the Second Announcement.  For the more popular hotels local transport may be arranged if there is sufficient demand.


  • 26 March 1999 First announcement
  • 30 April 1999 Return of expression of interest and paper titles
  • 21 May 1999 Second Announcement and Issue of hotel information with local area/travel information
  • 18 June 1999 Closing date for return of one page abstracts
  • 31 July 1999 Notification of acceptance of papers and provisional programme
  • 15 September 1999 Final programme
  • 1-5 November 1999 Workshops
For SREW only
  • 17 December 1999 Deadline for submission of papers for proceedings
  • 31 January 2000 Notification of paper acceptance and/or corrections
  • 28 February 2000 Final papers in camera ready form
  • 30 April 2000 Issue of proceedings
Local Organising Committee
Mullard Space Science Laboratory
Alan Johnstone (
Andrew Coates (
International Organising Committee

Above plus:
Additional information will be published shortly on
We look forward to welcoming you to Farnborough in November.

Clive Dyer, Dave Rodgers, Christian Ripley

Registration of interest form attached 
Please return by the 30th April 1999 to:

ChristianRipley / Susan Sims
Phone +44 1252 392392
Room G007 Fax: +44 1252 396335

The Arthur C Clarke Building +44 1252 394208
DERA, Farnborough
Hampshire, GU14 0LX, UK


Space Radiation Environment Workshop (SREW)
Workshop on Radiation Monitoring for the International Space Station(WRMISS)

Telephone number:
Fax Number:

I am interested in attending SREW on 1-3 November 1999
I am interested in attending WRMISS on 3-5 November 1999
*(please delete the inappropriate)

I expect to submit paper(s) entitled (please indicate SREW or WRMISS):


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