Space Weather Euro News Vol.3 Issue 7 (12-04-1999)

Table of Contents:
  1. EGS Space Weather Business Meeting
  2. Vacancy in the Directorate of the Scientific Programme
  3. Cluster II Workshop
  4. Some ESA Tender Actions
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1. EGS Space Weather Business Meeting

From: V. Bothmer               E-mail:

Space Weather Efforts in Europe - Coordination of Current Activities and Future Plans between Scientists and Users to be held at the EGS XXIV General Assembly Netherlands Congress Center
The Hague, The Netherlands

Thursday, April 22, at 17 hr; Commissiekamer 2 Topics planned to be presented and discussed during the meeting include:
Status of ESA/ESTEC Space Weather Efforts and Efforts in Individual  European Countries, Report about Boulder "Space Weather Week" Workshop & US Activities, Science ... and User Applications, Space Weather Related Future  Missions (STEREO, Solar Orbiter, Geospace), PR Matters Envisaged, Future  Activities, Progress, etc. ...

For more information and/or topics that you would like discussed during this meeting, please contact the organizers (listed below) latest Friday  16 April 1999.

Organizers: V. Bothmer (University Kiel) and N. Crosby (ESA/ESTEC)
(E-mails: and

2.  Vacancy in the Directorate of the Scientific Programme

From: R. Marsden |contact personnel department for further information|

Vacancy in the Directorate of the Scientific Programme.
This post is open to suitably qualified men and women

Space Plasma Scientist in the Solar System Division, Space Science Department, Directorate of the Scientific Programme.

This post is classified in the A2/A4 grade band of the Coordinated Organisations' salary scale.

ESTEC, Noordwijk (The Netherlands).

The duties of the postholder will involve:

- carrying out project scientist work in connection with approved ESA - scientific missions and/or studies for future missions in space physics; - initiating and carrying out research in space plasma physics, including scientific data analysis and/or development of space instrumentation.

The successful candidate will be assigned to the position of Cluster II Project Scientist; he is also expected to perform his scientific research in a field related to the Cluster II scientific aims.

Present research topics in the Division comprise electric field observations and spacecraft potential control, instrument development includes the rebuilding of Cluster II instrumentation for launch in mid-2000.

Applicants should have a Ph.D. or equivalent degree in physics and relevant experience in space plasma physics. The successful candidate must be fully familiar with the Cluster II programme and its scientific implementation. The postholder must demonstrate the ability to interface well with the relevant scientific community and engineering/scientific staff inside the Agency.  A good knowledge of English or French is required; some knowledge of the other language is desirable

Applications for this post should reach the Head of Personnel, ESTEC, Keplerlaan 1, 2201 AZ Noordwijk ZH (the Netherlands), not later than 18 May 1999.

Under ESA Regulations, the age limit for recruitment is 55. Please note that applications are only considered from nationals of one of the following States: Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, the Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom and Canada.

Recruitment will normally be at the first grade in the band (A2); however, if the candidate selected has little or no experience, the post may be filled at A1 level.

For further information please contact the personnel department,

3. Cluster II Workshop

From: P. Escoubet E-mail:

Cluster II Workshop
Multiscale/Multipoint Plasma Measurements
22-24 September, 1999 at Imperial College, London

The goal of this workshop is to discuss observations and theory of multi-point measurements in the magnetosphere and its environment. The main focus will be on the applications of these issues to Cluster II, but we also encourage discussion on the general issues and their application to other missions.

Abstract submission deadline: 1 June 1999

A web page has been constructed in preparation for the workshop, the URL is:
The web page contains on-line registration and abstract submission, participant list, hotel information, maps to Imperial College, and a preliminary agenda for the meeting.

For more information, please contact one of the following:

C. Philippe Escoubet,
Andre Balogh, 

4. Some ESA Tender Actions

From: N. Crosby E-mail:

(Open from 12/04/1999 to 14/06/1999, Act.Ref.: 99.1YT.02) 
(Open from 31/03/1999 to 21/05/1999, Act.Ref.: 98.1TS.07)

For more information and the complete list of ESA Tender Actions please look at:

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