Space Weather Euro News Vol.3 Issue 5 (09-03-1999)

Table of Contents:
  1. Norwegian Space Weather Initiatives
  2. 2nd PAPCO Data Analysis Workshop - Last Announcement
  3. Second Announcement for the Workshop on the Microsatellite DEMETER
  4. Some ESA Tender Actions
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1. Norwegian Space Weather Initiatives

From: P. Brekke E-mail:

The last few years we have been collaborating with different industries in Norway on topics related to Space Weather. A paper, which will soon appear in  the Proceedings of the ESA Workshop on Space Weather (ESTEC, Noordwijk, The  Netherlands, 11-13 November 1998), describes these activities. We have made this report available at the following link since many people have  asked for copies.

Look at:

Good luck

Paal Brekke,
SOHO Deputy Project Scientist  (European Space Agency - ESA)

NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, Email: Mail Code 682.3, Bld. 26,  Room G-1,
Tel.:  1-301-286-6983 /301 996 9028 (cell)
Greenbelt, Maryland 20771, USA.
Fax: 1-301-286-0264


2. 2nd PAPCO Data Analysis Workshop - Last Announcement

From: R. Friedel E-mail:


2nd PAPCO Data Analysis Workshop - Last Announcement

Los Alamos National Laboratory, March 17/18/19 1999

Further information and Registration is available through the web site: 


This workshop is a follow-on from the successful 1st PAPCO workshop held at  Los Alamos in January 1998. It is aimed at the ISTP, GGS, INTERBALL, EQUATOR-S  and Cluster communities which are faced with large amounts of data from a  number of missions, instruments and sources, which need to be put together for  common scientific analysis. 

PAPCO 09 has been released in the interim and is available at

Module authors: Please download the latest version and test you module under it before the workshop!

LATE REGISTRATION CLOSES ON MARCH 10th - we have room for a maximum of 5  more people.

There will be no further general announcements. All additional info will be  availbale through the workshop webpage only. 
The workshop is open to anyone.


PAPCO ("PAnel Plot COmposer") is a data analysis tool based on IDL. Further  information on PAPCO (manuals, existing modules, source code, rules of the road) can be obtained through the PAPCO Home Page: 

Important dates: 

December 4th, 1998  - Fist Announcement. 

February 17th, 1999 - 2nd Announcement. 

March 3rd - Last announcement - close of registration 

March 10th - Close of LATE registration! 


3. Second Announcement for the Workshop on the Microsatellite DEMETER

From: M. Parrot E-mail:

The micro-satellite DEMETER

The micro-satellite DEMETER (Detection of Electro-Magnetic Emissions  Transmitted from Earthquake Regions) is a low-altitude satellite (< 800 km)  with a nearly polar orbit. It will be the first scientific micro-satellite  launched by CNES, the French National Space Agency. The expected launch date  is mid-2001.  The main scientific objectives of this project are related to the  investigation of ionospheric perturbations due to seismic activity, and to   the global study of the Earth electromagnetic environment. The payload of  DEMETER is composed of several sensors associated to a data processing unit   and a large memory in order to record the information all around the Earth   independently from a telemetry station. DEMETER will measure electromagnetic   waves from DC up to 4 MHz, and plasma parameters. There are two modes:  

- a survey mode to record low bit rate data all around the Earth, 
- a burst mode to record high bit rate data above seismic regions shown in a map which is available on request. 

The duration of the mission is two years. 

Workshop purposes

This workshop will focus on points related to the scientific objectives of DEMETER:

  • First the workshop will provide a forum to describe new results in theory and ground or satellite observations of exitation of the ionosphere by seismic or tectonic processes, either before or after quakes and volcanic eruptions.
  • Second, the workshop will discuss methods concerning statistical analysis of data recorded by a satellite or by another experiment, and which are correlated to specific events.
  • Third, this workshop will bring together various groups of experimenters who will perform ground-based measurements close to seismic regions at the same time as DEMETER will be operating. These measurements may concern DC fields, electromagnetic noise in various frequency bands, ionospheric parameters, optical parameters,.... Contributions concerning Total Electron Content measurements with satellites are also especially encouraged.
  • Fourth, the workshop will concern topics associated to the global electromagnetic environment of the Earth. This includes space weather, radio-communications, and particularly the ionospheric perturbations due to man-made activities.

Workshop Location

The workshop will be held in Orleans. Orleans is located within 1 hour from Paris   either by car or by train (two hours from the airport Roissy Charles de Gaulle).    


The workshop is planned to be on July 15-16, 1999 (just before the IUGG meeting  in Birmingham, July 18-30). Is is recommended to arrive in Orleans on July 14  and to leave on July 17 because the two days will be busy (40 pre-registred).  Registration no later than 30 April 1999.

Those who registred (or will register) will receive further information   concerning program, accommodation, and map to reach the workshop location.  Abstracts are due before end of May 1999, please wait for instructions. 

Scientific Committee

P. Bernard (IPGP, France), J.J. Berthelier (CETP, France), E. Blanc (LDG,   France), A. Kerdraon (LPSH, France), P. Lognonne (IPGP, France), M. Menvielle  (CETP, France), F. Lefeuvre (LPCE, France), M. Parrot (LPCE, France)   J.-A. Sauvaud (CESR, France) 


The workshop will be organized by CNES.   There is no registration fee.  All exchanges will be done by e-mail.  The program will contain oral and poster sessions.  It is expected to publish the proceedings in a journal with referees.  Bastille Day on July 14 is not expected to interfere with transportation  to Orleans because planes and trains are in activity. Restaurants are  open but shops are closed. Otherwise in the evening you will enjoy  public ball and fireworks. 

Registration is due by e-mail to before April 30,   1999 (only if you are not already pre- registred, please check your name  in the list below) : 


I intend to participate to the DEMETER workshop: YES - NO
The title of my contribution will be : ....................................

Please pass this announcement on to anyone else you think might be interested. 

List of pre-registred:

  • Philippe Lognonne, ELIE Franck, Tetsuya Kodama, Torsten Neubert,  
  • Leonid Alperovich, Richard Dowden, Vallianatos, Yuri M. Yampolski, 
  • Pokhotelov Oleg, Malcolm Johnston, Balassanian Serguei, KARCZEWSKI  
  • Jean-Francois, Fernando Monteiro Santos, Gladychev Vladimir, 
  • Goderdzi Didebulidze, BOERNER Wolfgang-Martin, PHAM Van Ngoc, 
  • BOYER Dani╦le, Adam Schultz, Craig J. Rodger, Vitali KIM, 
  • MOLCHANOV OLEG A., Ludmil Bankov, George Aburjania, Valery Sorokin, 
  • Sergei Pulinets, Mark Clilverd, Joseph F. LEMAIRE, Valery Korepanov, 
  • Lynn Shaeffer, Rapoport, Nikolai V. Isaev, Ultre-Guerard, Novik O.B., 
  • A. M. Hamza, M.Mogilevsky, J.G. Laframboise, Wooil M. Moon, Ivchenko Vasily

4. Some ESA Tender Actions

From: N. Crosby E-mail:

(Open from 23/02/1999 to 12/04/1999, Act.Ref.: 99.1PF.02)

For more information and the complete list of ESA Tender Actions please look at:

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