Space Weather Euro News Vol.1 Issue 4 (22-12-1997)

Table of Content:
  1. WWW server of the SPEE project
  2. Invitation to tender on solar proton models and space weather modules available on EMITS
  3. Announcing the 6th Spacecraft Charging Technology Conference
  4. A message from Dan Grystad (former List Administrator)
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1.  WWW server of the SPEE project

From: Ari Viljanen  E-mail:

The WWW home page of the "Study of Plasma and Energetic Electron Environment and Effects" (SPEE) is available at

The project is an ESTEC contract, which is currently performed by the Finnish Meteorological Institute and the Swedish Institute of Space Physics. The Web pages will later contain public documents of the project. The present main contents are topic-based link collections of various space weather information sources ( Feedback concerning especially European resources is welcome.

2. Invitation to tender on solar proton models and
   space weather modules available on EMITS

From: Alain Hilgers  Email:

An invited invitation to tender has been published on EMITS with the following summarizing information:

Open Date  26/11/1997
Closing Date  28/01/1998
Status  ISSUED
Reference No.  97.1WM.09
Program Ref.  TRP 97/WMA05; TRP 97/WMA10
Establishment  ESTEC

97/WMA10 SOLAR PROTON MODEL: Current models for providing data on the energetic particle radiation environment resulting from Solar Energetic Particles events (SPE) are out of date and are based on inadequate statistical treatment. They also do not provide data easily over different time scales. This activity will develop models based on recent data, with a better statistical treatment and providing the required functionality. The model will also include treatment of the SPE environment in other parts of the solar system. 97/WMA05 SPACE WEATHER MODULES: Space environment specification tools taking into account time variability at the time of scale of years (solar cycle), months (seasons) or hours (solar corona impact on earth magnetosphere) are potentially highly valuable for preparation of all missions, and in order to forecast or to investigate a posteriori environmentally induced spacecraft anomalies. They can be derived from statistical, empirical and numerical models. Physical models allow derivation of "engineering models" without heavy reliance on in situ data.

More information can be found at

3. Announcing the 6th Spacecraft Charging Technology Conference

From: Alain Hilgers E.mail:

Announcing the

6th Spacecraft Charging Technology Conference
Nov 2-6 1998.
AFRL Science Center
(Formerly AFCRL then AFGL then Phillips Lab)
Hanscom AFB, MA, USA

Sponsored by
 Air Force Research Laboratory - Space Vehicles Directorate
 NASA Marshall Space Flight Center
 NASA Lewis Research Center
 ESA/ESTEC, European Space Research and Technology Centre

Suggested Topics:
* All aspects of spacecraft charging in LEO, GEO, and beyond;    including observations, theory, modeling, material effects,    laboratory studies, anomalies, mitigation, and    impacts on plasma measurements and instruments
* Penetrating radiation; including observations, dielectric breakdown,    material and internal effects
* Discharge mechanisms; wanted and unwanted
* Interactions of spacecraft with the plasma environment;
   including solar cells, wake effects, environment perturbations,    spacecraft glow, material degradation and electric propulsion. * Spacecraft potential control
* Active experiments; including particle beams, high voltage interactions,    probe theory, gas releases, and electrodynamic tether
* Environments;  measurements and models
* Standards and guidelines

We desire that the published proceedings be a quality reference on this subject. Thus, along with new research we encourage critical reviews and refinements of published work and the previous proceedings of this conference. Replication of recently published work will be considered for short presentations or posters. There will be no parallel sessions other than posters. Presentations will be assigned lengths of 10, 20, or 30 minutes.

Persons interested in attending should prepare a simple text abstract or preliminary registration using the attached format, and email it to before April 2, 1998. Short abstracts are preferred but the length should be sufficient to permit proper evaluation of the material. Please do not attach encoded or binary documents. Later submissions will be considered, however our facilities limit is about 200 participants. Should it become necessary to limit attendance, preference will given to abstract quality and timeliness of submission.

Cost will be determined at a later date. Our intention is to keep this below 100 $US, including a banquet. Payment will be necessary but not sufficient for registration. Your emailed abstract or attendance request will be the primary basis for registration. You may expect Hotel rooms near Hanscom to range from 70 to 180 $US per night. We will be reserving blocks of rooms at the best possible rates.

Persons without email should get it as this will be the primary method for communication. Please forward this announcement to your colleagues for the widest distribution. If you received this announcement from someone other than a sponsor and you would like to be added to the primary mailing list, email a notice to For more information, please contact the web site:

or the following individuals:
David Cooke
Shu T. Lai
Alain Hilgers
Matt McCollum
Dale Ferguson

Notice: Hanscom AFB requires prior approval for access by non US citizens. Instrucions for access approval will be provided following your response.

Abstract and Preliminary Registration
6th Spacecraft Charging Technology Conference
(E-mail to:
If confirmation not received within 5 days, please resend)
NAME; Last, First:

Company, Institute, Organization:



Phone and Fax:

(please delete one of the next 2 lines, leave the other intact)

I will not present a paper:
I will present a paper entitled:
Synopsis of Abstract (topical words, and nature of presentation: review, new, refinement, replication)
Special requirements (e.g. oral, poster, video, computer demo):

Abstract (As long as you like but please, no binary or encoded attachments)


4.  A message from Dan Grystad (former list Administrator)

From: Dan Grystad       Email:

With this short note I would like to thank you all for subscribing to the Space Weather Euro News newsletter. It has been a pleasure building this project up and now when I'm about to leave ESTEC and transfer my duties as newsletter administrator I would like to take the opportunity to thank everybody for your help. First of all I would like to thank you all for showing your interest and keeping this project going. Secondly I would like to thank those who have sent me their comments and specially, their inputs, to SWEN. They have all been very useful. A special thanks to Alain Hilgers which was the person who started it all, and to Eamonn Daly who has given us the support to carry it through. Once again thank you and merry christmas!

Dan Grystad

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Best regards,

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Alain Hilgers
Dan Grystad


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